Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

Accent on Achievement Book 1, the first book in the series of the popular beginner band music method by Alfred Publishing, is now available on StarPlay(TM) music education software. Music students can now practice with accompaniment recorded by professional musicians and see immediate feedback on their performance in StarPlay. Immediate feedback encourages students to practice more and reinforces good playing so they learn and progress faster.
The Accent on Achievement method books by Alfred Publishing teach band students the fundamentals for a solid musical background. With Accent on Achievement method books, students learn how to play as a soloist and as part of an ensemble. Accent on Achievement Book 1 is now available on StarPlay for Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, Bb Clarinet, Eb Alto Clarinet, Bb Bass Clarinet, Eb Alto Saxophone, Bb Tenor Saxophone, Eb Baritone Saxophone, Bb Trumpet, French Horn (Horn in F), Trombone, Baritone B.C., Baritone T.C., Tuba and Electric Bass.
"I can see a marked difference between my students who practice with the CD that is currently available and those who don't. Being able to hear the music and receive immediate feedback on StarPlay will definitely impact their rate of improvement," says Clarinet teacher Neal Holmes.
Accent on Achievement Book 1 for band consists of 5 full-band arrangements, solos with piano accompaniment, 49 folk songs from 19 different countries, 15 duets and numerous scales, technical and theory exercises. Highly regarded as a teacher's favorite, having Accent on Achievement available on StarPlay will excite and stimulate students to improve their instrumental skills and enjoy practicing music.
Music education software, StarPlay allows students to practice by performing with professional musicians, bands and renowned orchestras using their own instrument. StarPlay listens to the performance via a microphone and helps student perfect the piece with instant feedback, during and immediately after each note is played, on their pitch, timing, duration, tone and dynamics.
StarPlay users will be able to add Accent on Achievement Book 1 to their music library for just US$7.99. StarPlay is available for free online from www.starplaymusic.com and via all Sibelius distributors.

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Accent on Achievement now available on StarPlay


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