Wednesday, April 14th, 2010
Varengold Bank FX, a brand of Varengold Wertpapierhandelsbank AG, will host a managed futures webinar to show participants where managed futures fit into a well balanced portfolio and discuss manager selection.
Varengold Bank, the award winning German investment bank, today announced the managed futures webinar at 7PM Dubai time on 14 April 2010.

This webinar will introduce investors to the alternative investment markets, explore the history of alternative fund managers, discuss selection criteria for funds, and show investors where to find additional resources on the web on alternative investment managers.

In addition to its own award winning managed futures hedge fund of funds, Varengold Bank works with a variety of CTAs and money managers to execute trades for their clients.

“Over a quarter of the funds invested at Varengold Bank are invested through alternative investment managers,” says Ahmad Maarouf, Managing Director of Varengold Bank Dubai. “We created this presentation to help investors better understand this investment area and learn how to select a manager that will match their investment needs.”

Alternative investments have long been utilized by major investment banks, private wealth managers, and private institutions. By diversifying their portfolios, money managers at institutions like Harvard and Yale have been able to increase the overall return for their endowments while reducing the total risk in their portfolio.

While the alternative investment markets were only available to high net worth individuals and institutions for many years, today anyone can access these markets. But this access comes with new risks, and the individual investor needs to take the time to become educated about both the returns and the risks involved.

“Each investor comes to the markets with different goals and risk profiles,” says Christopher Swindell, head of research and analysis at Varengold Bank Dubai. “This webinar is designed to help investors identify CTAs and other investment advisors that are in line with their own portfolio requirements.”

Investors may view the webinar at 7 PM using this link:

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Varengold was founded in 1995 by Steffen Fix and Yasin Sebastian Qureshi to offer worldwide investors secure access to international managed futures strategies. Currently, the investment bank has 40 employees. The bank’s core divisions are Asset Management with managed futures and Capital Markets – Brokerage (security clearing).
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