Thursday, September 25th, 2014

With the world's billionaire population at an all-time high, content distribution network Billionaires Australia has launched its revamped news site and luxury directory and set about to uncover the first trillionaires.

The news site includes an “infinite scroll” of stories, all of appeal to the wealthy or those who like to read about topics of interest to the wealthy.

The Wealth-X and UBS Billionaire Census 2014 shows that 155 new billionaires joined the ranks this year, pushing the total population of billionaires to a record 2,325. The United States was home to the most billionaires globally, with 57 new billionaires recorded this year.

Not so obvious are the trillionaires, who tend to keep their wealth as private as possible.

“These secret trillionaires shroud their wealth in secrecy, lies and deceit, Billionaires researchers are on a mission to find out just how deep their pockets really go.”

About Billionaires Australia

Launched in Sydney inearly 2014, the luxury-focused content network has grown rapidly, now recognised as a leading content producer by major media sites.

Its syndication service uses patented software that both translates content and publishes it globally in minutes. The result is a massive, interconnected content network.

The company has its Australian headquarters at Jones Bay Wharf and has set up its European headquarters in Monte Carlo on the French Riviera, an appropriate location with a strong concentration of the world’s richest people. ##

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