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Almost one in five Australians aged 14+ buy underwear in an average four-week period. The best-selling brand is Bonds, bought by 4.9% of us (or 951,000 people). Among the other popular brands, an interesting trend emerges: despite the growing proportion of shoppers who say they ‘trust well-known brands better than the stores’ own,’ four of the five top-sellers are stores’-own rather than name brands …

Purchased by 2.7% of Aussies (526,000 people) in an average four weeks, Target is the second-most popular brand of underwear after Bonds. Kmart (2.0% or 380,000 people), Best & Less Essentials (1.3% or 260,000 people) and other Stores’ Own Brands (1.0% or 202,000 people) account for the following three top spots.

Australia’s 10 best-selling underwear brands in average 4 weeks


Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), July 2013 – June 2014 (n=15,541).NB: does not include the 518,000 people who couldn’t say what brand of underwear they bought in the last 4 weeks

Is underwear exempt from brand trust?

In the year to June 2010, 45.9% of Aussies agreed with the statement ‘I trust well-known brands better than the stores’ own’. By 2014, this had risen to 48.2%. Those who agreed that ‘I have favourite brands for most things I buy and I tend to stick to them’ grew from 67.0% to 70.3%.

However, these attitudes don’t appear to extend to our underwear purchasing decisions. While people who bought Rio and Triumph undies in the last four weeks were more likely than the average Australian to agree with the statement ‘I have favourite brands for most things I buy and I tend to stick to them’, so too were people who bought Target and Allsorts (one of Big W’s home brands) underwear.

People who bought name-brands such as Berlei and Triumph were significantly more likely to agree that ‘I trust well-known brands better than the stores’ own’, while those who bought Kmart, Best & Less, and other Stores’ Own Brand underwear were far less likely to agree. People who bought Target and Allsorts undies were around average in terms of their agreement with this statement, an indication that some stores’ own brands could close the gap on name-brand underwear. 

Warren Reid, Group Account Director – Consumer Products, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“Even though a growing majority of Australians say they stick to their favourite brands when shopping, and nearly half trust well-known brands more than the stores’ own, these attitudes have not impacted on the success of stores’ own brands when it comes to underwear.


“True, brand-conscious shoppers are more likely to buy brand-name underwear, but the fact that stores’ own varieties are selling so well suggests that some of these shoppers are willing to overlook the brand (or lack thereof) when it comes to underwear. Perhaps it’s not such an issue when the garment isn’t visible? Or perhaps these home brands have become ‘brands’ in the mind of the customer.


“Recent findings from Roy Morgan Research suggest that stores’ own clothing ranges could have a bright future, and the popularity of stores’ own underwear may be an early indicator of this trend…”

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