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3rd July 2017

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What is the nature of Consciousness? How does it arise? What is its relationship to the brain? What is its relationship to space, time and matter generally? Is it a universal, irreducible aspect of reality? What do we know about its potential? 

Melbourne-based institute, The Contemplary, will present a public dialogue on what Scientific American magazine describes as one of the big questions** facing humanity. Featuring leading Australian philosopher David Chalmers, neuroscientist Olivia Carter and American Buddhist contemplative Alan Wallace, the event will be held at the James Fairfax Theatre, Australian National Gallery, Canberra on Saturday 15 July from 2-5pm.

The Director of The Contemplary, Charles Potter says that while contemplatives and philosophers have explored the nature of consciousness for millennia, the scientific study of consciousness has now become an exciting new field attracting the attention of scientists across a variety of disciplines.

“Understanding the nature of consciousness requires open-minded dialogue and collaborative inquiry between experts with various perspectives from within science, the humanities and the contemplative traditions,” says Potter.




*The ‘Hard Problem’ was coined by David Chalmers to describe the difficulty in determining how consciousness arises from our physical world. 

**In 2016, Scientific American magazine asked leading scientists‘20 Big Questions about the Future of Humanity’. Third on the list was, ‘Will we ever understand the nature of consciousness?’

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Prof David Chalmers is available for interviews in Canberra and/or by phone. Contact

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