Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

It is well known that Shenzhen (China) has become one of the world’s top electronic markets. Along with the prosperity, there emerges amount of trading companies of various sizes. Noticeably, most of the companies have taken advantage of the e-commerce to enter the global electronic markets in a low cost. Their business scope includes cell phone parts wholesale, tablet accessory wholesale and other electronic products retail etc.

Among the couples of competitive online stores, there comes a rising player named, who mainly operates business of iPhone part wholesale, including newly iPhone 6 parts wholesale, iPhone 5 parts wholesale and much more. To further improve the competitive advantages and abilities, the store is working hard to ring the old business model out and the new business model in. The actions of optimizing and fertilizing the store mainly include two aspects: trimming customer groups and enriching the range of products.

Retail shopper, repair store and local reseller used to be the targeted customer groups. However, after launching the store for a long time, the fact that different customer groups have diverse requirements for quality greatly dilutes the energy and eventually none of the customer groups received the best service. To improve the service and establish brand recognition, phonelcdwholesale focuses on repair stores as the unique targeted customer group by trimming other two customer groups.About the products, the store started as a professional supplier of iPhone part wholesale, iPad parts wholesale and iPod parts wholesale. With the frequent product upgrading in the electronic product world, the previous selection of products can no longer satisfy the quickly responding requirements of the repair stores. Timely, the store adjusts its range of products by launching new products, including all kinds of cables, chargers of all shapes and screen protectors with diverse materials.

Another strategy of enriching the range of products on the line is to cooperate with the famous brands, such as Pisen, Basues and Remax. The products provided by those brands not only are of high quality but also bring wonderful visual experience with their elegant package. In comparison with products of different brands, the items of the highest capacity to price ratio will win out and benefit to the customers.

Though change is everywhere, the only unchanged should be definitely the philosophy that the products should speak for itself and the business success is satisfying every customer with quality products and great customer service.

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Hong Kong C.J Electronics Co., Limited

We are Hong Kong C.J. Electronics Company Limited, a trading company, offering accessories for cell phones and tablets and replacement parts for iPhone, iPad and iPod etc.

Founded in 2011, C.J. has provided over a thousand different products to customers from Asia, North America, Europe and world wide.

Our aim is to achieve continued success by providing our customers with a large variety of high quality products at the best prices around.We strive to be your first choice for accessories and replacement parts.

Its our company philosophy that the product should speak for itself and that success is: satisfying every customer with quality products and great customer service. Quality is life!

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