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Lately, the unveiling of the iPhone 6 line manufactured by Apple Company has attracted headlines and become a media event. Along with the debut of the high-tech product, online stores operating a business of iPhone 6 parts wholesale for repair stores spring up like mushrooms, mostly declaring that they can provide all kinds of accessories and spare parts for iPhone 6 line-iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

To take phonelcdwholesale for example, let’s dive into the detail the online stores can provide for the repair stores.From the top-left navigation, listed in the first position is iPhone Parts category, revealing that the site has taken iPhone parts wholesale as the leading business. Move the mouse cursor to display all the sub-categories under the main category iPhone Parts. iPhone 6 Spare Parts and iPhone 6 Plus Spare Parts, no surprise, come ahead of other sub-categories incorporating all predecessors of iPhone 6,like iPhone 5S,iPhone 5C,and much more.         

Click iPhone 6 Spare Parts ith hyperlink to enter the selection of replacement parts of iPhone 6.A variety of products listed in grids open to the eyes, covering from the costly screen replacement combing LCD screen and digitizer touch screen for iPhone 6 to those exquisite small parts, such as charging port flex cable, connection cable for home button and volume flex cable ribbon. To accommodate with the inherent color schemes for iPhone 6 finishes, the screen replacements of iPhone 6 are available in black and white as well as the glass lens.

Shift the focus on the quantity of the variety of spare parts to the quality. Classified by quality, there are a variety of different spare parts for iPhone 6 parts wholesale in the marketplace, mainly including original OEM version and third-party version. Unlike original OEM parts of the most perfect compatibility and flawless feature, the spare parts from third-party somehow have an uncertain defective rate and may not fit the device perfectly. Thus, for the repair shops or DIY lovers, they should carefully choose the appropriate parts to perform their repairs. 

Fortunately, phonelcdwholesale is such a premium online store that it not only serves customers with the richest variety but also deliver the high-quality products at best prices. Whether the LCD and touch screen assembly, outer front glass, or even tiny screws, customers can easily find what they require. Additionally, customers never worry about the receipt of defective parts for all the accessories have gone through strict inspections for cosmetic and compatibility. Besides, LCD replacements and other parts perform the real machine tests using genuine devices, such as iPad, iPhone, and Samsung Galaxy S5.     

Superior customer service is another bright spot of the online store wholesaling cell phone parts as well as all kinds of tablets. For new customers, they can adopt either of the communication methods listed in the bottom banner to communicate with customer service staffs for any queries, which will be responded immediately or in minimal time. Note that phonelcdwholesale offers a six month standard warranty for most of items on the line. Once any event about the item happens, the emergency response mechanism will be launched immediately, helping customers solve relative issues efficiently and effectively. 

About, an online shop, offers the main business of tablet and cell phone parts wholesale. Since 2011, Phonelcdwholesale has supplied more three thousands diverse products to the customers from U.S., European area, Asia, and even worldwide.

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We are Hong Kong C.J. Electronics Company Limited, a trading company, offering accessories for cell phones and tablets and replacement parts for iPhone, iPad and iPod etc.

Founded in 2011, C.J. has provided over a thousand different products to customers from Asia, North America, Europe and world wide.

Our aim is to achieve continued success by providing our customers with a large variety of high quality products at the best prices around.We strive to be your first choice for accessories and replacement parts.

Its our company philosophy that the product should speak for itself and that success is: satisfying every customer with quality products and great customer service. Quality is life!

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