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MADONNA and Justin Timberlake only had four minutes to save the world – but is 90 minutes enough to save a marriage at Garrick Theatre?

Written by Australian playwright Joanna Murray-Smith, Ninety is a short portrait of a failed marriage where an artist and her ex-husband have one last 90-minute conversation before he gets re-married to a young European starlet.

The 2008 play is the story of Isabel seeking closure while William tries to run from memories of their relationship, both good and bad.

As the conversation continues, the pair is drawn into flashbacks from various points in their shared history.

“At its core, the play is about denial and acceptance, acknowledging the past and then moving on – themes everyone can relate to,” director Brendan Ellis said.

“The setting of Isabel's studio is intimate, which is only emphasised by the theatre, and the show plays out over an hour and a half without an interval, serving to draw the audience into the struggle on stage.

“The concept of immersing the audience in a situation that most will know all too well – but scarcely see from the outside – really appealed to me.”

Acting for more than 10 years and directing for the past three, Ellis has performed with Stirling, Playlovers, Marloo, Melville, Limelight and Groovy Boots Theatres.

He has most recently appeared in Sex Toys, the 2014 Perth Fringe World production Do You Get My Meaning? and Twelve Angry Men.

Last year, Ellis directed David Williamson’s A Conversation at the Old Mill Theatre, picking up the annual Milly Award for best director and production of the year.

“With Ninety, the most challenging factors have been the design – what kind of set would best suit the main action while still being able to convert into other locations during flashbacks?” he said. “And then how do we transition in and out of those flashbacks?

“Fortunately, with the input of my very reliable cast and assistant director Dale James, I'm confident we've managed to overcome those difficulties.”

Ninety plays at 8pm October 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 15, 16, 17 and 18 with 2pm matinees October 5 and 12.

Tickets are $20, $17 concession, $15 children – book on (08) 9378 1990 or [email protected]

Garrick Theatre is at 16 Meadow Street, Guildford, opposite the Stirling Arms Hotel and Guildford Town Hall.


ninety1-2: Ninety is the story of William (Gino Cataldo) and Isabel (Katrina Murphy) and one last 90-minute conversation to save their marriage.

ninety-katrina: Katrina Murphy plays the artist Isabel in Ninety, running out of time to save her marriage.

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Garrick Theatre is situated in the heritage town of Guildford, Western Australia. The club was named after the famous English actor and dramatist, David Garrick. Founded in 1932, Garrick is the longest-running community theatre in the Perth metropolitan area.

On April 16, 1932, Mrs W Dancer and a few friends met at "Riversleigh" where it was decided to form a repertory club. On May 13, 1932, Garrick Theatre Club was born. This group gathered regularly at "Riversleigh" until more permanent premises were obtained at the Mechanic's Institute in Guildford.

Later, the move to the club's present home in Meadow Street was made possible with the assistance of the local council, whose interest in Garrick's aims and activites has never waned. This home was constructed in the early days of the Swan River Colony and served initially as quarters for the Commissariat. The building is heritage-listed. Various renovations and additions have taken place over the decades - perhaps most notably a new stage with revolve in the 1990s.
Over more than eight decades, Garrick Theatre has brought to the community a wide variety of entertainment. In its turn, it has received many awards and today is one of the most respected community theatre groups in the State. The club is run entirely by members on a voluntary basis.

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