Saturday, September 13th, 2014

COMEDY, drama, satire and social commentary come together in a celebration of theatre this September as WA's Independent Theatre Association presents Dramafest.

Held from September 22 to 28 at Playlovers, based at Floreat’s Hackett Hall, Dramafest is an opportunity to see a plethora of theatre in a short amount of time.

Each night three one-act (short) plays from metropolitan and country theatres go head-to-head in competition to show off their skills, both on stage and behind the scenes.

Dramafest has been held annually for more than 25 years, a result of the Independent Theatre Association wanting to bring theatres together in a fun celebration of stage performance.

“We have a number of well-established plays, alongside some world premieres this year,” Dramafest coordinator Emma Davis said.

“The plays presented can be of any genre and one night’s entertainment can often run the spectrum from comedy to drama and everything in between.

“Each entry has a time limit so, if one play isn’t to your liking, the next isn't very far behind – it’s a fantastic way to see new theatre works.”

Davis said one of the most exciting elements is the number of WA writers premiering their work.

“Many writers use Dramafest as a way to test out new scripts so it’s an excellent opportunity to see something a little bit different and fresh,” she said.

“Above all, Dramafest is a lot of fun because every night is different.

“The actors on stage and those behind the scenes are passionate about their work and want to deliver a top quality product to their audiences.”

This year marks the introduction of a new category that allows entrants to present works in any form as long as they are 10 minutes or less – monologues, cabaret pieces, singing, and short dramatic works.

“10-Minute Spotlight is ideal for performers and writers just beginning or for people who want to try something a little different,” Davis said.

Tickets for Dramafest are $20 per session (three plays per session) or a $60 season pass for all seven sessions. For bookings and the full program, go to

Playlovers is located at Hackett Hall, Draper Street (off Underwood Avenue), Floreat.


Lovers2: The Irish Theatre Players production of Lovers, featuring Sofia Reid-Crofts and David Buckley, is one of the many short plays featured in this year’s Dramafest,

Herringbones2: The annual Dramafest features an array of plays from metropolitan and country theatres, including Stirling Players’ At Home with the Herringbones featuring Georgi Ivers and Peter Flanigan.

afterlife: Chelsea Gibson, left, Georgia Rodgers and Liam Longley are taking part in Dramafest with the Garrick Theatre production After Life: The Essential Handbook.

perfect heart: Dramafest has even attracted independent entries, such as The Perfect Heart featuring Ali Jahani, Meirion Griffiths and Alison Seiler.

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The Independent Theatre Association of WA Inc. (ITA) is a Not for Profit organisation supporting member groups and individuals involved in community theatre throughout Western Australia.

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Each month, the ITA publishes its own eNewsletter – “The ITA Link”.

Currently, 42 community theatre organisations and 31 individuals form the membership base of the ITA.

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