Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

10th September, 2014

Australia’s largest provider of radiation oncology, cardiology and sleep treatments, GenesisCare, has begun rolling out the PowerHealth Solutions’ enterprise-wide patient billing system, PowerBilling & Revenue Collection (PBRC), to each of its practices across Australia, as part of their future growth strategy.

GenesisCare currently provides essential health care services across more than 120 sites and clinics ranging from major capital cities to regional and rural centres.

The system has already been successfully implemented at Adelaide Radiotherapy Centre, and will be progressively rolled out across the GenesisCare network.

GenesisCare Project Manager Graham O’Connor said, “GenesisCare is committed to actively driving the delivery of advanced, high quality care for Australians and once this nation-wide implementation is complete, we will have an enterprise-wide system that provides consistent billing functionality that is more efficient to operate, benefiting our patients and the quality of service we provide.

“The new system automates tasks that were previously performed manually. For example online claiming automates manual paperwork and achieves a much shorter revenue cycle. GenesisCare can now submit health fund claims instantly online instead of through postal mail. This speeds up the claim processing cycle from days/weeks to hours, PBRC will enable GenesisCare to standardise business processes across all our practices and improve analysis with more robust data, leading to more consistent management reporting and branding.”

PowerHealth Solutions Projects Director Evie Karagiannis said, “GenesisCare are a professional group who have been excellent to work with. The success of the first rollout can be attributed to their project team and stakeholder engagement along with their willingness to work together to deliver a billing solution that meets their needs.”




About GenesisCare

GenesisCare is Australia's largest provider of radiation oncology, cardiology and sleep treatments. With more than than 1300 employees, GenesisCare provides essential health care services across more than 120 sites and clinics ranging from the major capital cities to regional and rural centres.

GenesisCare exists to fill the treatment gap for the biggest disease burdens in Australia — cancer and cardiovascular disease — in an environment of substantial unmet need from an ageing population. GenesisCare is currently involved in or leading more than 110 clinical trials. The group uses its national network to coordinate and share clinical information and know-how, helping inform future approaches to treatment and care.

About PowerBilling & Revenue Collection

PowerBilling & Revenue Collection (PBRC) is the first fit-for-purpose healthcare billing system in the world, and is already used by hundreds of hospitals throughout Australia and Hong Kong. PBRC is designed exclusively for healthcare organisations to reduce the high labour cost of patient billing through the automation of complex billing process for efficient and accurate processing. The highly efficient automated processing speeds up the lead time between service provision and payment collection, leading to improved cash flow. Revenue collection is also increased as the automated billing ensures no services are missed.

About PowerHealth Solutions

PowerHealth Solutions is a dynamic Australian software development company specialising in activity based costing, hospital billing and patient safety solutions for healthcare organisations. ISO 9001 quality-accredited since 2001, the company is a market leader in Australia and New Zealand, with international recognition in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.

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