Monday, April 12th, 2010

Australian women who run their own businesses or seek professional and personal development now have access to online mentoring and networking 24/7 with the launch of new web-based services by the Australian Women’s Mentoring Network (AWMN).

The services have been developed to meet the demands of busy career and business women, no matter where they live.

AWMN founder Catherine Seton says recent research shows that a combination of mentoring and networking is a robust predictor of both career success and satisfaction, above and beyond either of these activities on their own.

"We have launched to provide all women with opportunities both to become a mentor and to receive coaching, and extend the reach beyond cities into rural and regional areas," says Ms Seton, who founded the network in May 2004.

“The AWMN is there for women at the time of day when they can most benefit from it."

Ms Seton said that for many women, the only time they have for their own personal development is at the end of a busy day.

"We often find that women are logging on to contact mentors or coaches after midnight," says Ms Seton.  "Because our mentor and coach profiles are online, they are perfect for women living in rural areas, run home based businesses or who don’t have access to a corporate mentoring program.”

The AWMN offers free mentoring and coaching discounts for its members.

"Our mentors show a lot of generosity when it comes to helping others reach their goals," she adds. "In fact, many of the AWMN mentors have travelled and worked all over the world, and even been part of world events like 9/11 and the Afghanistan conflict.

“Professional and social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook are good examples of where informal mentoring can take place. The AWMN takes that one huge step further by encouraging women to connect specifically for mentoring and networking. Our members can connect with any mentor they like and know that that person is there to help them.”

To encourage women to engage in mentoring and networking, professional development events are taking place in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne next week, enabling participants to network and engage in peer mentoring.

Brisbane, Tuesday 20th April:

Meet, Greet and Speak – How to Make Your Networking Work, a unique opportunity to see well-known networking specialist and founder of, Rachel Green.

Melbourne, Wednesday 21st April:
Better Questions are the Answer, presented by communication specialist Lindsay Tighe (MBA)(, who has been featured in numerous national professional and women’s magazines.

Sydney, Thursday 22nd April:
How to be Memorable in any Medium, an opportunity to hear Leila Henderson, journalist, pitch coach and CEO of award-winning Press Release Service NewsMaker (

Mentors and mentees are available for interviews. The AWMN also provides mentoring resources, training and workshops. For more information or interviews with Catherine Seton, please contact her directly on 0411 289 257 or [email protected]

Case Studies

Wendy Russell | Restaurant Owner, Kangaroo Valley | NSW
"Since joining this year I have been in constant contact with 2 mentors & it has helped me immensely whilst setting up a new business from scratch. Now that we are open for business in our own restaurant I know I will continue to gain much from their knowledge & support. I have also passed your website onto friends & family also new to business. Wishing you all the best for 2010, keep up the great work."

Angela Albuquerque | Artist | WA

"The exhibition has been a great launch pad for me - never in my wildest dreams could I have ever pulled something like this off. This has all come about from meeting my Mentor. If it weren't for my mentor I would still be talking and talking about this and that, she was the practical person [that] clicked everything into gear. I feel my mentor has been invaluable and I look forward to working with her for many years to come. So I am thrilled with all the developments. Thank you again! Without you this process would never have started."

Michelle Maclean | King Edward Memorial Hospital | WA
"I think that the speaker, the format, the venue, and the food were all excellent. The AWMN sessions have increased my confidence in progressing my career and also provided me with some excellent resources. Keep up the great work."

Robin Fingher | My Private Coach | WA
"It was a fabulous meeting last night so thanks for providing the networking opportunity. The group of ladies were all very inspiring and I met some great contacts as a result. I look forward to meeting you again soon and joining other women at your next gathering."

Tamara Sutton | Sancta Sophia College, University of Sydney | NSW
"Thank you for your enthusiastic involvement in conducting the training for the SWAN Mentoring Program at Sancta Sophia College. I believe the session was extremely valuable for all and has given our mentors the skills and tools to embark on their mentoring relationship. It proved to be an inspiring information sharing and confidence enhancing occasion. It was wonderful to see that the interactive nature of the training session enabled peer mentoring to take place amongst each of the mentors."

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Australian Women's Mentoring Network

The Australian Women's Mentoring Network provides women from any professional, personal or cultural background online access to a mentor or coach of their choice who can offer guidance and coaching for personal and professional development. The AWMN also conducts mentoring workshops, networking events and provides online resources and communities for peer mentoring and networking.
Catherine Seton
P: 0411 289 257


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