Monday, June 26th, 2017 - Vacay Swimwear

“Digital influencers are shaping the industry.”

An Adelaide based swimwear brand designed by guys, for guys is sending ripples through social media, just three months after its launch.

Vacay Swimwear is an Australian online swimwear boutique. It stocks a distinctively curated line of men’s swim shorts and accessories. Its collections are bold and colorful. The playful essence of the brand targets the man who loves to travel.

Vacay Swimwear is leading the way in showing you how to wear it, too, with an interactive social media following.

Label co-founders Corey Decandia and Jordan Kallios are South Australian born and bred.

Both men graduated from the University of South Australia with marketing degrees. Corey studied part of his degree at Winthrop University in South Carolina, and Jordan completed studies abroad at Vienna University of Economics and Business.

The idea sparked from their passion and love for travel. Every single design is named after popular travel destinations each of the men have visited.

“A great way to trigger creativity is to have experiences outside of your normal routine,” Corey Decandia said.

“We identified a gap in the market for a male swimwear brand where the quality exceeded the price.

“Female swimwear labels dominate every corner, and to find a decent pair of men’s swim trunks felt impossible.”

In just one month, the pair established a large influx of sales. The majority of their sales coming from the US and Europe in line with their summer.

“The success of our sales are predominantly based on social media and influencer marketing,” Jordan Kallios said.

“Today, it’s hard to imagine business without the Internet.” 

The pair has a collective online following of more than 45k, and see direct sales from every single social media upload.

Decandia says this has been the main tool for rapid brand growth and it’s “an exciting time for startup companies.”

"No one pays attention to billboards and print media these days, most people are fixed to their phone screens all day long.”

"In such a short period of time we've been able to get our brand out to amazing people, who've taken it to amazing places,” Jordan Kallios said.

“We’ve been able to use Instagram in particular to reach customers globally.

Currently hard at work on their next design, both men say the connection with their customers relies on social media.

“We’re learning a lot about our customers and what they do and don’t like, which is crucial to understand at the early stages of the business.”

Instagram: @vacay_swimwear

For interviews with co-founders Corey Decandia and Jordan Kallios, please email: [email protected]




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