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Thursday, 4th Sept 2014. Mum's work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week!

Melbourne's Multi Award Winning Personal Trainer of 14 years and weight loss specialist, Mr. Inta-Fitness (Neil Kelliher), says Trinh's comments calling Mum's 'lazy' are offensive, rude and hurtful but above all FALSE. Every mum works each and every hour of every single day and of course are on call 24/7. They put their family and children first and this is often why their own health and well being suffers.

In response to Trinh, Mr. Kelliher wants to assure all the Mum's out there that is it not your fault if your health has suffered and that there is a way to balance the work of being a dedicated Mother with the challenge of keeping fit and healthy at the same time. Each and every Mum who feels the pressure of parenthood can also have their dream body or pre baby body that they desire with as little as 15 mins 'exercise' per day.

According to Neil, it is a fact that Australia is in the midst of a health crisis. “Obesity is currently the single biggest threat to public health in Australia. The facts are astounding. Around fourteen million Australians are currently overweight or obese. If this trend continues, by 2025, close to 80 per cent of all Australian adults will be overweight or obese.”

Neil said after years of personal training and studying health and nutrition he came up with his own brand of lifestyle formula to rival the best and help Mum's who have no time for gym's and fitness to get into shape from the comfort of home, without any equipment, and in as little as 15 minutes per day

“The key to the success of my formula relies on a combination of clean eating, intermittent fasting, hyper loading (cheat day) and metabolism boosting exercise that unlocks the number one fat burning hormone, Leptin.”

Neil said his 28 Day Flat Belly Formula is not a gimmick, but a transformative program that gives participants the ability to see and feel results that they can take with them for the rest of their life. On average they will each lose between six and eight kilos of weight and feel strong and fit to face a healthier future and take care of their children and family with an abundance of energy.

“The Flat Belly Formula is a comprehensive weight loss, detox and mindset program incorporating an easy to read nutrition and fitness manual complete with eating plans and recipes plus an interactive online exercise system and VIP support group.

“While 28 days may sound daunting to some, each week (generally a Saturday or Sunday) in the program is dedicated to re-feeding and indulgence. We call it a Hyper Load Day where participants are encouraged to let go and enjoy eating or drinking whatever treats they fancy – be it a burger and fries, chocolates, pizza or beer/wine etc. This is a plan for life and sustainability and is based on my own 80/20 philosophy of making the best health choices 80 per cent of the time and relaxing and enjoying life's pleasures 20% of the time with no guilt. In actual fact this promotes double the weight loss in half the time by controlling the number one fat burning hormone, Leptin.”

Mum of 3, Erin Haynes, says she’s turned her life around since taking part in Neil Kelliher’s (aka Mr Inta-Fitness) innovative health and fitness program. While losing 4.3 kilos and 33 centimetres from her body, the 30 year old Mum of 3 of said; “I am a mother of 3 beautiful children. This is inspiration in itself but add the fact one of my children was diagnosed with a rare neuromuscular autoimmune condition (Myasthenia Gravis) last year.  It required me to dig deep to support her needs- physically, mentally and emotionally as well as balance the needs of others in my life. This challenge helped arm myself with the knowledge and willpower to achieve results I never thought could I achieve! When you have a supportive, encouraging, funny and inspiring coach along for the journey with a great formula- trust me, you will be happy dancing”.

Mr. Kelliher said his last program attracted a large number of people ready to change their lives by taking part in the 28 day Flat Belly Formula Challenge. “While Erin was not the biggest loser in terms of weight, the program is not about weight loss alone, it is about your personal transformation and achieving your desired goals, Erin did that. The winner, Karl, who was awarded the $5000 cash prize lost 10.55 kilos and 49 cms in just 28 days” he said.

Neil says the Melbourne Challenge is now open for registration to begin on Saturday, 20th Sept, 2014. The program costs $97 and is available online by visiting

About Neil Kelliher

Neil Kelliher (aka Mr. Inta-Fitness) is a multi award winning Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Specialist originally from Melbourne. Over 13 years he has been awarded over nine business and customer service awards including two times Fitness Business of the Year and five years in a row Australian Achiever. From successfully transforming the lives of thousands of clients over the years and a burning desire to reach more people with his unique lifestyle and training system; he developed the 28 Day Flat Belly Formula weight loss and combined detox program with a mission to simplify the very confusing world of weight loss.

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