Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

So many businesses let their Marketing and IT people tell them how Social Media works. However, apathy can lead to some awkward situations.

Imagine your Sales Manager posts pictures of himself at 4am at a strip club with his mates? Or your PA ‘confidentially’ tells a few friends on Twitter that your best client has bad breath—which means just a few million people might see it, including the client?
Suddenly, a business will realise that above all, Social Media is a people issue, not a technology one.

Consultant and author Robert Godden is constantly amazed at how these issues end up in the media, generating negative publicity.

"Even companies that don't actively engage in Social Media as part of their strategy are being talked about on-line - by their customers, their employees and the general public," Godden says.

"And yet they don't take the simple precautions necessary to protect their organisations from the risks - such as defamation, providing a means for workplace bullying or the leaking of sensitive information.

"Bad news has always travelled fast, but now it circles the globe in seconds. A recent slip by a phone company - which they corrected within 1 minute - still required over 17,000 personal apologies.

"There's been press about Coles in Adelaide letting go an employee who had breached their policies and made on-line comments that appeared to threaten a co-worker. They were able to do that because they had good policies in place. Could you say the same if it happened in your organisation?"

Robert will be presenting a 90-minute seminar on these very issues.

Entitled "Opportunity or Disaster: Your People + Social Media", it's aimed at HR and other managers who need to provide quality advice, or business owners and directors who don’t want to leave the future of their organisation to chance.

It is one of a series of "Your Business 2.0" seminars to be presented in Adelaide over the next few months.

The Adelaide event is being held on April 20th at 3pm, at a cost of $75. Bookings are essential:

Or text: 0433 413 305.

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