Saturday, August 30th, 2014

Today Mutthi Mutthi Traditional Owners returned home from Canberra dissappointed with the Federal Government's response to their concerns regarding the wilful destruction of significant sites on the $10billion Water for the Future projects .  The Mutthi Mutthi representatives undertook a desperate 1500km round trip from tribal lands in Outback NSW to the lobby of Parliament House only to be told by the Prime Minister's offices to "Go home and draft a letter" and that they would "receive a response in three to six weeks and it may still be a No". 

In stark contrast it took Opposition leader Bill Shorten's office less than five minutes to arrange an hour-long meeting with Shadow Minister for Indigenous Affairs Shayne Neumann and followed it with an apology that there weren't more members available.  Mr Neumann noted that their concerns about cultural heritage rightly fitted into the Environment portfolio, a remnant from the Federation era when Aboriginal people were classed as a species of wildlife.

The Traditional Owners also met with local Member for Farrer Sussan Ley, who described the Aboriginal people in the western two-thirds of her electrate as "you lot out there" and summarily dismissed the Mutthi Mutthi concerns as "argy-bargy".  Traditional Owner Cheryl Charles, whose grandmother Alice Kelly was instrumental in the fight for Mungo Man, said Ms Ley was "very rude" and notes how dissappointed she is with a government who refuses to take her culture and spirituality seriously.

The Traditional Owners also met with representatives of Mick Dodson at the National Centre for Indigenous Studies, who suggested they fought through the law courts.  An option simple out of reach for some of Australia's poorest people.


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