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GBrothers - C-Class Mercedes Benz Launches in Australia

C-Class Mercedes Benz Launches in Australia

In a hotly anticipated development for Mercedes Benz Australia, the launch of the new generation Mercedes Benz C-Class was announced last week. Red carpets all over the country crowded with luxury car connoisseurs, eager to find out what we can expect over the next twelve months. So far, global sales of the C-Class, dubbed the ‘Baby Benz’, have exceeded ten million, making it one of the most sought-after of all premium vehicles.

What to expect when

Unsurprisingly, Mercedes Benz Australia won’t be giving us everything at once, but tantalizingly rolling out the models one by one. First up are the C200 and C250 petrol sedans and the C250 BlueTEC diesel sedans. November will witness the introduction of the C-Class Estate wagons, while December will welcome the C300 BlueTEC Hybrid – the first diesel-electric hybrid in the series.

The arrival of the C200 BlueTEC will usher in the New Year, and, sometime between April and June, we’ll be able to get behind the wheel of the super-powerful C63 AG. Finally, we’re also anticipating seeing the twin-turbo V6 AMG Sport before 2015 is out, even though its launch date is yet to be officially announced.

What’s new on the outside

One of the most impressive aspects of the C-Class is that it’s constructed on a new platform, the Mercedes Rear-drive Architecture (usually shortened to MRA). The same is to be utilized for the E-Class and the GLK SUV, among other models.

Even though the new series adheres to the traditional format (i.e. four doors, five seats, rear-drive), there are plenty of updates to get excited about. For a start, dimensions now match those of the E-Class, as we knew it two generations ago. Extra leg and shoulder room have been achieved through a 95 mm extension of overall length and an 80 mm expansion of the wheelbase, and the boot, now at 480 litres, boasts an extra 5 litres.

At the same time, though, a 48% aluminum body means that 40 kilograms in overall weight have been dropped, enabling improved performance and greater fuel economy. What’s more, brand new front and back suspension, as well as LED headlights, provide better control and increased safety – day and night.

What’s new on the inside

The interior of the new Mercedes Benz has had a striking makeover, involving the revamp of tried and tested elements and the introduction of new ones. That means automatic windscreen wipers, electric seats, sports car styling (including large, rounded metallic air vents and leather upholstery), a touch pad that can read handwriting, a zoom-able sat-navigation, a variety of driving modes, ambient lighting and an array of safety features, from autonomous braking to driver fatigue and blind spot warnings – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


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