Friday, August 29th, 2014

We're pleased to announce that a brand new product has hit our shelves. If you've heard of it, you might know it as a WIWO, cross connection controller or water switch. We don't mind what you call it; we just hope that you're as excited as we are.

What, exactly, does a WIWO do?

Basically, a WIWO is the ultimate in liquid management. It enables users in buildings equipped with more than one water supply to switch from one to another seamlessly, without wasting a drop or causing a disruption in flow. Fully automated and intelligent, a WIWO knows when your tank is empty and switches to your town supply immediately. Then, as soon as some rain has refueled your tank, it switches back.

You can find a WIWO that's suitable for all water applications, be they domestic, commercial or industrial. They're made from durable materials, such as stainless steel, ceramic and carbon, and are designed and constructed to exacting specifications, meaning that they're incredibly reliable.

WIWO and meeting Australian regulations

Australian regulations now state that every new house must be installed with a cross connection controller. In New South Wales, these regulations are part of what is known as BASIX, which states that all dwellings require a Building Sustainability Index Certificate. Introduced in 2005, BASIX aims to cut water use and greenhouse emissions by 40%, in the process helping to preserve the environment and, at the same time, save you some serious money. A WIWO is a highly-efficient, cost-effective strategy for meeting these regulations.

Benefits of WIWO

On top of ensuring that your household sticks to the rules, a WIWO can make life easier in other ways. Not only does it know when to switch from one water supply to another, it's also smart enough to respond to your specific water use. So, a WIWO turns on when it senses that a tap has opened and turns off just after it has closed. In a household, a water supply switch can be used for drinking water, dishwashers, washing machines, toilets, showers, gardening and irrigation.

If you're not setting up a new system, but simply wish to add a WIWO to your existing one, you're likely to see an increase in water pressure of up to 345 Kpa (51Psi). It's actually the most power-efficient water pressure pump that you'll find anywhere on the market.

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