Friday, August 29th, 2014

Today marks the media launch of Jaynie Morris’s inspiring story, “Against Their Odds”, in which she details her incredible battle of survival after being diagnosed with ‘autoimmune liver disease’.  Known as the ‘silent killer’, the disease is often misdiagnosed or people do not realise they are suffering from the condition until it is too late.

“My story isn't any different to millions of others who have been faced with the reality of their own mortality, and at that moment when the Doctor looks you straight in the eye and delivers the news no one wants to hear, you feel like you are the only one with this story,” says Jaynie.

Faced with the sudden news of a liver transplant in 2012, after what seemed to be nothing more than stomach ache turned into a life threatening condition, Jaynie defied the medical advice and sought her own treatment, with the end result being her liver being saved and Jaynie now being 100% healthy.

Jaynie says that the greatest lesson that she learned through this period of her life was that complacency was evident every level, with her belief that complacency, which she describes as her trusted friend, lead her to that fateful day in hospital with the realisation that she could die at any time. 

“As a result, I decided it was important to put pen to paper, to give others the opportunity to read my story, in the hope that something contained between the covers would resonate and help others to wake up and realise that this 'trusted friend complacency' is nothing but a false friend, one who is only interested in itself and doesn't want you to be better, to grow, to live, to laugh and to prosper,” she said.

Well known broadcaster and member of the Australian Commercial Radio Hall of Fame, Tony Pilkington, has written the foreword for the book, and as a lifelong friend of Jaynie’s knows the battle she fought to overcome her illness better than anyone.

“Jaynie’s story is significant because it reaffirms that as a patient you need not to automatically become a victim, a case number, somebody with limited options, her story encourages all of us to have the courage and the confidence to follow our inner feelings, to maybe take others with us and to not be afraid to share the journey,” says Pilkington.

In keeping with Jaynie’s incredible generosity and give back nature, all profits from the Australian sale of her book will go to The Orange Pigeon Foundation, an organisation that grants the wishes of terminally ill adults.

The launch will also feature VIPs who are attending to support Jaynie, including Nicole Willis from Channel Nine, and 5AA’s evening host, Jeremy Coredeaux, as well as The Orange Pigeon’s founder, Jenny Howell Clark.

For all media enquiries, or to obtain a media kit for the event, please contact:

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About Jaynie Morris

In May 2012 the world Jaynie knew changed forever. Struggling with a stomach pain for over three weeks, she was rushed to emergency and admitted to hospital where her health deteriorated rapidly. Within 48 hours she was faced with the prospect of a liver transplant and diagnosed with Auto Immune Liver Disease. This diagnosis lead to the new chapter in her life… and as she pursued her own cure, determined not to have a transplant. Six months after the initial diagnosis she was cleared to not have a transplant and is now 100% healthy and full of vitality and Jaynie now travels the world to speak to communities about her extraordinary journey, and offers a warning to those she speaks with to not become complacent about their health.

About Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune diseases affect around 1 in 20 people, and is one of the most important health issues in Australia and New Zealand.  Currently there are no cures for autoimmune diseases, although there is a wide range of treatment options, which depend on the stage and type of autoimmune disease.  Support groups and systems for this condition are minimal, this is the driving force behind Jaynie wanting to get her message out to the masses



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