Thursday, April 15th, 2010

The most frustrating game in the world is about to get a whole lot easier for both men and women, with the visit to Australia of US Professor Jack Kuykendall, creator of the ‘Easy Swing’ method.

The professor of maths and physics will deliver his first Adelaide seminar to teach his revolutionary new method to local golfers on May 24 and 31.

The discovery is the first major change to the mechanics of golfing for over a century and has attracted thousands more golfers to the sport, making it easier and safer to hit a clean ball down the fairway.

Easy Swing PGA Professional Golf Coach and Certified E2E (Elbow to Elbow) Instructor Jon White has organised Professor Kuykendall’s tour.

Dates: Monday 24th, 31st May 2010
Place: Grange & Royal Adelaide Golf Clubs
Time: 8:30am-5:00pm

The World’s No. 1 Golf Science Coach, Jack Kuykendall discovered the E2E golf swing in February 2008. The swing:

  • Simplifies mechanics to a level that is unimaginable
  • Eliminates ALL wrist action and forearm rotation as the power source
  • Dramatically reduces stress on arms, back and shoulders
  • Provides greater accuracy than a Tour Professional
  • Allows you to hit the same or greater distance than the Pros
“E2E is already revolutionising the way golf is played,” says Jon White.  “It contradicts all the information published in the last 100 years and has already been labelled ‘the simplest mechanics in the history of golf'.

“This is a rare opportunity to learn about a golf swing that will vastly improve your own golf game. Because of its low impact nature, the swing is also great for people with back problems, the elderly or people with a disability. Jack himself is over 70 and can hit a ball straight and long even while seated on stool.”

These seminars are for those who want to:
  • Satisfy their curiosity about the World’s Easiest Golf Swing
  • Learn more about the history of the golf swing and examine those of the world’s best, including Tiger Woods
  • Revolutionise your own golf game
“In conjunction with Jack’s visit, I have also organised several golf tours where you have the opportunity to play a round of golf with the world’s most knowledgeable golf coach,” Mr White adds.

For further information contact Jon White on 0405 354 276.

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Easy Swing

Jon White launched Easy Swing in 2006 after organising a visit to Australia by the world’s number one Golf Science Coach, Jack Kuykendall. Since then Jon has become certified to coach Jack’s patented swing methods and is passing on the benefits in making golf simple to his clients.

Easy Swing’s other services include sales of unique golf clubs called Max-Impact TWINS, hosting memorable golf tours and using the game of golf as a business tool through team building activities and networking events on the golf course.
Jon White, Easy Swing PGA Professional Golf Coach
P: 0405 354 276


Easy Swing PGA Professional Golf Coach and Certified E2E Instructor Jon White has organised the visit to Adelaide from US Professor Jack Kuykendall to demonstrate his revolutionary golf swing discovery at Adelaide seminars.



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