Monday, August 25th, 2014

Two years ago, Simon and Zofia Gainey had a big decision to make – close the doors on their pool business or keep battling to make ends they are multiple award winners in their industry.

The drought, GFC, job instability in Canberra and early elections had almost killed their once thriving pool business making building a pool a luxury item. 

After 25 years in the industry, Simon said they were ready to walk away. “People would look at us as if we were crazy to have a pool business in Canberra,” he said.

“Two years ago was our quietest year ever. I contemplated just getting a job. Things can turn around so quickly – this year we are multiple award winners and will be putting on staff.”

In the past six months, Simon and Zofia’s business, Capital Fibreglass Pools, has won seven awards at the Swimming Pool and Spa Alliance Awards and been recognised as the 2014 Fibreglass Pool Builder of the Year for NSW and ACT. 

Simon said the wins would not have happened if they had not been shocked into motion.

“We spent considerable time and effort in a business mentoring program run by Paul Blackburn from Beyond Success,” Simon said.

“We had to implement all the things we learnt from him including upgrading the website. The real challenge was that doing business in 2014 was not the same as it was 25 years ago.  We had to evolve.

“He asked us some tough questions and we realised our business was not growing because of us,” Simon said.

Simon said they could no longer blame circumstances on their business not growing. “We stopped being scared,” he said.

“Then mid last year we were on our way home and the phone rang.  A quote we put in months ago was accepted; it was worth thousands. That phone call plus the kick in the pants from Paul helped our business to blossom.”

Simon said to go from almost closing the doors to being recognised by the Swimming Pool and Spa Alliance NSW as the Fibreglass Pool Builder of the Year for 2014 is a huge accolade.

“NSW and ACT has got a large contingent of pool builders…it is a fantastic win for a two person business,” he said.

“Now we face a whole range of other issues like employing staff but these are the good type of issues to have.

‘Not bad for a guy who started out 25 years ago with a dream to be his own boss.”


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