Saturday, April 10th, 2010
Commencing April 24, Scott Griffin, a singer with The Australian Voices (TAV) will attempt to run 250km across the Kimberley Desert for six days to raise money for contemporary Australian music.

Griffin is participating in RacingThePlanet a race that takes place in culturally rich locations around the world in aid of charity.

Griffin has chosen TAV as his charity which is a non-profit group that tries to capture the sound of Australia and share it with the world.

“We have so many great artists, photographers and film makers but TAV is one of the only groups in the world to take inspiration from the Australian landscape and express it as music,” said Griffin.

Named by Time Magazine as one of the world’s top ten endurance events the 2010 race is in the Kimberley region - a terrain with temperatures over 30°C even in winter.

During the race Griffin will carry his own equipment and food and will only be provided with water and a tent each day where he will interact with competitors from over 35 countries.

“Part of the beauty of the 250km is running across the amazing Australian landscape that has inspired so many TAV compositions,” he said.

TAV has paid composers to write over 100 pieces about Australia including Uluru, Glasshouse Mountains and Kondalilla by Stephen Leek; Honey-White Black Stump Koori Kid by Nicholas Ng; Sky Song by Daniel Walker and Under the Shadow of Kiley's Hill by Gordon Hamilton.

TAV’s Artistic Director, Gordon Hamilton, said the singers in TAV are highly talented musicians who volunteer their lives for this very important mission of creating new Australian music.

TAV has won multiple gold medals at the international Choral Olympics and prizes at the Choir of the World competition.

“We invest so much money into sport in Australia and we get amazing results. Imagine what we could achieve if we did the same for the arts,” said Hamilton.

“Scott’s run across the Kimberly is symbolic to us because the Australian Outback is the essence of what makes Australia unique and each year we take the sound, smell and imagery of the Australian bush to audiences overseas and they love it!” he said.

Sponsors can commission new pieces for TAV for between $1000 and $5000 per piece.

Griffin said he strongly believes in TAV’s mission to raise artistic standards in Australia and hopes running 250km will help create opportunities for talented young Australian musicians and singers.

Griffin said Australia has many talented young people who are unable to pursue their musical aspirations due to lack of funding and support, especially those from financially challenged homes.

Most of the singers in TAV work multiple jobs in addition to university study just to participate in this ensemble and the funds raised will be put towards helping them take Australian music overseas.

Hamilton said TAV was grateful for the time and effort being invested by Griffin and was looking forward to cheering him across the finish line.

Donations can be made at and are tax deductible.

Griffin’s progress across the six-day race will be tracked via The Australian Voices website at

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The Australian Voices (TAV) has championed new Australian choral music around the world since 1993. The mission of TAV is to commission, perform, record and promote the music of Australian composers to the highest international artistic standards. They were multiple gold medallists at the Choir Olympics in China and prize-winners at the Choir of the World competition in Wales. Their new music vividly captures the sound, colours and energy of the Australian continent and its people. The singers come from all over Australia and commit to a rigorous professional schedule of concerts and workshops, both in Australia and overseas each year. Internationally respected, TAV has performed new Australian music at high-profile international events around the world for over seventeen years (often winning international awards). TAV has criss-crossed the globe participating in major musical events in Hungary, the UK, Malaysia, Poland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Austria, Bosnia Herzegovina, Canada, Belgium, China, Central America, Spain, Taiwan, Korea, The Czech Republic and America.

Scott Griffin is a Director of Etax Accountants ( and CEO of Accounts Etcetera (Bookkeeping). He holds an MBA from Harvard and three undergraduate degrees in Commerce, Science and Laws. Scott is 30 years old and a serial entrepreneur. He is passionate about Innovation, Technology and the Arts.

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