Thursday, August 14th, 2014

Jessica Perry's success as an Australian School-based Apprentice has resulted in her appointment by the Department of Industry as an Australian Apprenticeships Ambassador.

"I'm really excited about being an Australian Apprenticeships Ambassador because I have the opportunity to promote apprenticeships as an excellent career path that is second to none", says Jessica Perry.

Not only does Jessica demonstrate how well an Australian School-based Apprenticeship can work for secondary school students but she shows the way to an inspiring pathway of entrepreneurship.

"Undertaking an Australian School-based Apprenticeship has exposed me to all sorts of connections, industries and networks encouraging me to become an entrepreneur with the support of Hub Australia."

From Australian School-based Apprentice to entrepreneur with her business Career BluePrint, to coach, mentor and speaker Jessica is becoming recognise in the startup community and on the speaking circuit nationally.  

"What I want to get across to audiences when I'm speaking, is when you wake up in the morning and think I get to go to work instead of having a job that you've got to go to, it is so motivating. Also focus on the things that you want to get good at, rather than the things that you are already good at but don't necessarily like."

Taking on the role of training new Australian School-based Apprentice team members means that Jessica now has her sights set on completing a training qualification and helping others to consider starting their own business.

When asked by the Department of Industry why someone should think about an Australian School-based Apprenticeship Jessica says, "...why not?"

Read Jessica's ultimate story as an Australian Apprenticeships Ambassador here.


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Wendy Perry and Associates (WPAA) was established in 2002 as a Vocational and Educational and Training (VET) specialist with Workforce BluePrint (a division of the company) launched in 2006.  The company provides workforce development and planning, VET and contact centre consultancy, and small business support services in addition to projects completed for Commonwealth, State/Territory and local governments.

Workforce BluePrint provides Workforce Development and Planning Services for Clusters, Community Development, Firms, Industry Development, Major Projects, Networks, Organisations, Regional, Rural and Remote Development, Small and Medium Sizes Enterprises (SME), Small Business Health Checks, Supply Chain and Value Chains.

Wendy A Perry, Head Workforce Planner
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