Thursday, August 14th, 2014

DRESDEN, GERMANY -- (Marketwired) -- ZMD AG (ZMDI), an award winning global semiconductor company that is headquartered in Dresden, Germany, and specializes in enabling energy-efficient solutions, today announces the launch of its all-new ZMDI is a global supplier of analog and mixed-signal solutions for automotive, industrial, medical, information technology and consumer applications. With over 50 years of industry leadership, ZMDI understands the need to innovate in the area of semiconductor technology as well as customer service, and this new website release illustrates ZMDI's tireless efforts to advance that goal.

"We are always listening to the comments and suggestions of our customers, partners and staff for how we can improve our tools and in this case our website. This continuous drive to always be better led us to redesign our site in 2012 and now again in 2014," stated Daniel Aitken, ZMDI Global Director of Corporate Marketing and Communications. "In collaboration with our e-store fulfillment partner, Component Distributors Inc., our website is now utilizing the power of the Endeca search in order to provide visitors with a one click solution that will enable them to find the right ZMDI device quickly and easily."

Key Features of the New

-- A clean and intuitive interface:

-- 1 click to search

-- 2 clicks to view and download specific product technical data

-- 3 clicks to purchase the product via the ZMDI E-Store

-- Ability to quickly access ZMDI products designated as Sensing, Power

Management, Battery Management or Automotive/Industrial ASSPs through

two pathways:

-- Easy to use drop-down menu, separated by family to find specific

ZMDI devices as well as access brochures, data and feature sheets

-- A second search easily found on the site's landing page, indicated

by four prominent product family menu buttons leading directly to

the easy-to-use Endeca parametric search engine

-- Dynamic platform that allows continuous improvement and refinement

This website revision represents a great move forward in how ZMDI shares its product information and communicates with its customers. In addition to the introduction of the parameter search feature, ZMDI has streamlined the number of product families that are listed on the site. By focusing on its business lines for Sensor Signal Conditioning ICs, Battery Management ICs, Power Management ICs, and Automotive ASICs and Industrial ASSPs, ZMDI reinforces its commitment to growth in these areas while continuing to service the needs of all of its customers

Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI)

Component Distributors, Inc. (CDI) is a value-added distributor of power electronics for communications, computing, industrial, military, medical and consumer applications. CDI distributes globally and provides local customer service and technical support across North America (US, Canada and Mexico).

About ZMDI

Zentrum Mikroelektronik Dresden AG (ZMDI) is a global supplier of analog and mixed-signal semiconductors solutions for automotive, industrial, medical, mobile sensing, information technology and consumer applications. These solutions enable our customers to create the most energy-efficient products in sensing, power management and lighting.

For over 50 years, ZMDI has been globally headquartered in Dresden, Germany. ZMDI serves its customers with sales offices and design centers throughout Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan and the United States.

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