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Seruyan, Central Kalimantan, INDONESIA, Aug 11, 2014 - (ACN Newswire) - PT Rimba Raya Conservation (PT RRC) has completed three socialization programs for the Ecosystem Restoration (ER), in order to implement the REDD+ (Reducing Emission from Degradation and Deforestation) program over nine villages in Seruyan regency from July 2013 to July 2014.

L. Djonni Andhella, CEO of PT RRC, said that the ER socialization program has been implemented respectively by PT RRC and PT RRC's partner, World Education (WE), and also performed collaboratively by PT RRC and WE. The socialization required for the nine villages in Danau Sembuluh subdistrict and Seruyan Ilir Subdistrict, Seruyan regency, Central Kalimantan, which is partly located in the project area of PT RRC, has been enacted to allow the village communities to recognize PT RRC and to clearly understand the programs and the objective of PT RRC.

Mr. Andhella, as the official permit holder of the forest management, is obliged to inform all the community that the main objective of PT RRC is to undertake activities related to the management of climate change, biodiversity, and the community village development.

"Principally, PT RRC does not perform the logging activity. Instead, we are obliged to protect, foster, and replant the forest area belonged to the project area of PT RRC, as well as the biodiversity within and improve the livelihood of the community living around the project area of PT RRC," stated Mr. Andhella.

Nisa Jalil, Vice President Public & Government Relations of PT RRC, explains that the socialization program was held by the board of directors and management of PT RRC and the Regent and his government staff of Seruyan regency on February 21, 2014 in Kuala Pembuang. The socialization program invited all nine village chiefs of Ulak Batu, Palingkau, Cempaka Baru, Telaga Pulang, Baung, Jahitan, Muara Dua, Tanjung Rengas dan Sungai Perlu, and the subdistrict heads of danau Sembuluh subdistrict and Seruyan Ilir subdistrict.

Sudarsono SH, the Regent of Seruyan regency, hopes that the coordination and socialization program initiated by PT RRC will be able to harness the common perceptions throughout the community which will enable PT RRC to do the work and contribute to the environment and the community living around it.

"The support and the participation from the community will play a significant role to help PT RRC successfully complete the REDD+ program. The presence of PT RRC therefore must be significantly beneficial to all nine villages. PT RRC is not only obliged to improve the welfare of the community living around the project area, but also, hand in hand, PT RRC and the community are ultimately obliged to protect and foster the forest and its biodiversity," concluded Nisa Jalil.

About PT Rimba Raya Conservation

PT Rimba Raya Conservation (PT RRC) is a company that develops the programs of ecosystem conservation and restoration by protecting and securing the trees, establishing the forest and conserving the forest's biodiversity. The release of orangutans is one of the fundamental obligations of PT RRC as the licensee of Timber Forest Product Utilization Restoration (IUPHHK-RE).

PT RRC is clearly committed to protect, conserve and secure its work area consession of 64,000 hectares to the fullest including to restore the forest and its bioderversity and the local community. PT RCC is a privately held company that pioneers ecosystem conservation and restoration by implementing a REDD+ program. For more information, please visit 


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