Saturday, August 9th, 2014

2014 Telstra Business Awards Finalist Social Media AOK believes social media training courses will benefit university graduates. These sessions are held at their training rooms in Stepney for two hours, covering various areas of online Social Media Management.

This knowledge will assist graduates with modern uses of communication in businesses today, and therefore build their skills to allow them to assist with online operations within a business.

The sessions also help individuals optimise their online profiles with training on both Facebook and LinkedIn available, particularly important given that potential employers often conduct a social and google search as part of their pre interview processes.

The social media training will increase the knowledge of specific organisation, required platforms and business applications. 

Simone Douglas says “We offer these courses to people operating businesses who want to enhance their social media skills, but I believe these training sessions would benefit graduating university students looking for a job” 

“With an array of courses to pick and choose, these two hour sessions will allow the graduating generation to operate various mediums of social media in a business context”, says Douglas.

Social Media AOK is the only organisation to perform hands on practical training sessions, providing a step by step class outlining the importance of each social media platform. With affordable pricing, this is a great opportunity for university graduates to optimise and enhance their online skills before stepping into the workforce.

"With Social Media Literacy in a business context becomming an increasingly sought after skill set for most employers, graduates can put themselves ahead of the pack by fine tuning their practical skills." says Douglas

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At Social Media AOK we specialise in social media managing, development and training. New services within our agency include public relations, journalism and graphic design facilities.

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