Friday, April 9th, 2010
Marketers are desperately seeking new ways to tap into the phenomenal power of the new social media. The most powerful way to tell a story is visually and a measure of this fact is that YouTube is now the world's second largest search engine.

Social media like Facebook & Twitter have created a paradigm shift for marketers who are struggling to come to terms with the fact that they (and their television advertising) are unwelcome guests in this largely private world of social networking. This is a place where word of mouth and personal endorsements within a particular social group are actively sought.

Reedcomm Entertainment has created a new way to tap into social media with a new creative device called BRAND STORIES™. The concept is simple, we create and produce a video that engages the viewer, entertains and amuses. This is the prerequisite key for it to go viral.

Brand Stories are the opposite of advertising, they are first and foremost a video entertainment. To succeed, your brand story has to be seamlessly woven into a mini-movie. This process is a lot like product placement in the movies. Brand Stories™ are designed to entertain and be virally ‘sneezed-on’ by a particular audience to their social networks. It is literally an on-line Trojan Horse built around great entertainment.

Despite all the hype concerning the new social media phenomenon, nobody else is doing what we are with Brand Stories. And few organisations have Reedcomm’s creative ability and experience across brand marketing and narrative driven story telling for the screen.

We will be launching a dedicated BRAND STORIES™ website soon. In the meantime you can view our press release and a video which summarises the whole story.

Please follow this link to Reedcomm’s facebook page to view:
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One of Australia's top Creative Directors, Geoffrey Reed established Reedcomm Entertainment at The South Australian Film Corporation Studios in 2007, working as a writer director of narrative driven screen content for the motion picture and digital branded content.
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