Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

Renowned for their exotic locations, celebrity guest acts, and whole lot of fun, new Flight Centre Travel Group recruiter Lauren Billingsley was sent on a trip of a lifetime to this year’s Global Gathering in Macau.


Edging out other more experienced recruiters to win the Peopleworks Recruiter of the Year Award, Lauren spent three days celebrating her success with the likes of, Havana Brown and Rove, joining a crowd of over 2,000 Flight Centre Travel Group staff on the all expenses paid trip to China’s city of sin.


Those fortunate enough to qualify for this year’s gathering were further inspired during their trip by the likes of Mao’s last dancers Li Cunxin and human rights activist John Prendergast.


Reflecting on her short yet successful career at Flight Centre Travel Group so far, Lauren says that these world class benefits were just one of the things that attracted her to the role:


“I had come back from living overseas for 12 months, where I had worked as a theme park character for a large company. I wanted to be part of a big community again where I could forge I long term career, so I took a job in a store in Townsville as a Travel Sales Consultant. Within 6 months I was the youngest ever Assistant Team Leader in the area, and another 18 months after that here I am on stage winning the recruiter of the year award.”


With a new coveted position within the NSW Recruitment Team now open, aspiring Flight Centre Travel Group recruiters now have the opportunity to join the likes of Lauren in our collaborative and supportive teams. Click the link below to apply now:

To find out more about a career at Flight Centre, please click here:



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