Sunday, August 3rd, 2014


An attempt at encouraging South Australian football fans to contribute to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza has been thwarted by the Adelaide Football Club which has banned the words “Gaza” and “Palestine” from electronic announcements at Adelaide Oval.

Norwood Parade businessman, Daniel Milky, owner of the Argo Restaurant has been so concerned about the plight of the children in Gaza that he came up with the idea of promoting a donations appeal, by paying for electronic announcements played during AFL games at the Adelaide Oval.

Mr Milky says that he is a keen supporter of the local community helping to raise funds for local schools, charities, sporting clubs and families. Mr Milky said, “The plight of the children of Gaza has become a community issue and part of daily discussion and lots of people want to know what they can do to help. So, I decided to run these 30 second promotional ads during football games. I wanted the first ad to be shown during this weekend’s AFL match between the Adelaide Crows and West Coast Eagles”.

However, Mr Milky says that while initially the Adelaide Football Club approved the wording of the ad, which read ““Save Palestine; Save Gaza. Donate to”, the Club later cancelled the ad. Then the following day, the Club approved use of the wording ““Help the children in Palestine”. Subsequently, Mr Milky was informed that the ads could not use the words “Palestine” or “Gaza”

“This is nothing but discrimination,” says Mr Milky. “The Club approved the ad, then said ‘no’, reapproved the ad and said ‘no’ again today. I was happy for The Club to dictate the wording, but they refuse to allow me to use the words ‘Gaza’ or ‘Palestine’ to be written.

“Banning the words ‘Gaza’ or ‘Palestine’ in an ad is the same as sweeping other community issues under the carpet, which Adelaide does not do. Let’s have the debate. Let’s not pretend this problem does not exist. Let’s help the children of Gaza at a time of terrible catastrophe for them and their families. Even the UN has called this a humanitarian crisis! Why has the Adelaide Football Club silenced communication about how to help?”

Mr Milky has arranged for any donations for the children of Gaza to be donated through the Adelaide group, Australian Friends of Palestine Association at their website at
For further information please contact Daniel Milky 0407226135


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