Friday, July 25th, 2014

The Australian Country Alliance says the inadequacy of Victorian boat ramps used by thousands of local boaties will be a key issue in the south eastern suburbs at this year’s state election.

Candidate for the South Eastern Metropolitan Region, Doug Phayer, is no stranger to boating.  He has a strong following in the fishing and boating community who are fed up with long queues to launch and retrieve their boats and inadequate boat trailer parking.

“Anyone who loves to go fishing or boating with their kids knows just how impossible it now is to get on or off the water at boat ramps,” Mr Phayer said.

“Boaties pay registration and licence fees of twenty eight million dollars a year and this is supposed to be spent on improving recreational boating access. Clearly, not enough of this money goes back into improving our boating facilities.”

“The State government is responsible for funding boat ramps but you only need to see the long queues from Sorrento to Werribee at 3am in the morning to see how inadequate the current investment is. 120,000 registered boaties use Port Phillip Bay boat ramps each year however there are only 3000 boat trailer parks in total for region.”

Mr Phayer said the South Eastern metropolitan area is a key hotspot for boat ramp gridlock and that he is serious about addressing the issue.

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