Thursday, July 24th, 2014

With an increase in unsafe DIY asbestos removals across the country, licensed asbestos removal contractors and disposal facilities have begun to spread the word of the safe handling of asbestos. Even after the call to ban DIY asbestos removals in 2011, the number of in experienced and UN licensed asbestos removal contractor’s remains at a high amount.

Adelaide based waste management company, Metro Waste, understands the risks involved with DIY asbestos removal and regularly inform their customers on its safe removal.  Safe transportation and disposing of asbestos has been a specialised area of the business from the start of the business in 1980 . They believe there needs to be more advertising, exposure and awareness that asbestos can kill.

The risks involved with asbestos removal are also involved in the transportation and disposal of the substance. 


Part-owner of Metro Waste, Justin Castelluzzo explains that you have to wear protective gear the whole time, it has to be sealed in packaging throughout the process and it definitely must be transported to the correct landfill. Metro Waste is the only metro dump able to receive asbestos waste as companies must have a license in order to receive the waste.


 " We tell every person that comes to the yard whats involved in correct asbestos removal and disposal and we still get a number of enquiries each day regarding the process" says Justin Castelluzzo. 


Justin Castelluzzo believes there are still many cases of illegal dumping of asbestos in the Adelaide area.


Metro Waste do not provide the service of removing the asbestos but point customers in the right direction of a licensed contractor. 

"Exposure to asbestos is very dangerous  there are many risks involved in the removal but if people are given the correct procedure to follow and the right equipment to wear there will not be any problem" says Justin

For that reason Metro Waste supplies essentials for the job if clients wish to undertake the task themselves. Metro Waste’s main goal is to reduce the carbon footprint; they are dedicated to improving the environment and are always fully committed to satisfying the community’s needs.  

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Metro Waste

Created in 2007, waste management company, Metro Waste, follows one main goal, to reduce the carbon footprint. By decreasing the amount of waste that goes into landfill and recycling as much as possible, the company aims to achieve their goal by sorting waste. Part owner of the business Justin Castelluzzo, has grown the business dramatically over the years and has incorporated asbestos removal and a mini skip bin company into the business. Metro Waste is dedicated to improving the environment and is always fully committed to satisfying the community’s needs. 



Justin Castelluzzo
P: (08) 8443 9390


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