Monday, July 21st, 2014

Gold Coast Hospital Emergency Department, a member of the Queensland Health, was given a commendation at the Intranet Innovation Awards for their award-winning intranet from Intranet Connections named “EmergencyWeb”.

The hospital’s intranet journey began as most do when Leo Marneros, Director of Emergency Medical Training at Gold Coast Hospital, decided to seek out an intranet platform that would improve collaboration and increase communication within the hospital. Since there would be over 350 users and two locations, Marneros knew the hospital needed that would enable non-technical administrators to add and manage content on the site to ensure the hospital intranet would be collaborative and communication would flow smoothly.

After evaluating a number of intranet solutions, most relying heavily on IT to administrate, Marneros found an intranet solution that would not only speak to the non-technical users, but also deliver on the strong collaboration and communication components: Intranet Connections.

Marneros summarizes the decision, saying: “Intranet Connections presented a fully-functional, simple intranet solution that was quick to implement and made it easy for non-technical users to contribute and manage from day one.” Read more from Marneros about the innovated ways Gold Coast Hospital utilizes their hospital intranet in the EmergencyWeb Case Study.

Gold Coast Hospital Intranet’s, EmergencyWeb, quickly became a success with Marneros leading the way as the Intranet Champion. EmergencyWeb was quickly adopted by hospital staff, yielding significant benefits to the hospital, including:

  • Reduced Hospital Costs with Online Credentialing
  • Increased Staff Engagement moving Procedural Checklists Online
  • Enhanced Staff Training with Multi-Media eLearning Online
  • Improved Manual Procedures with Online Intern Assessments
  • Eliminated Paper-Waste with Online Communication & Collaboration

The Emergency Department of Gold Coast Hospital continues to innovate with Intranet Connections, finding new ways to utilize their hospital intranet for daily tasks and procedures. This includes establishing a “Home Care Team” through their intranet to improve patient care.  The “Home Care Team” is an intranet application that secures patient information in an online form for those that require further care after leaving the Emergency Department. For patients who fit specific treatment criteria, their information is entered, secured and easily accessed by hospital staff that provide care at the hospital or in the patients’ homes after release. This innovative intranet application helps keep all staff members that interact with the patient on the same page and has made for a smoother transition back home, overall improving patient care.

By encouraging all employees to collaborate on EmergencyWeb, Gold Coast has built several incredible intranet applications and has saved Gold Coast Hospital thousands in time-cost savings. A simple audit of a single application, the Intern Evaluation & Assessment application moved online from a paper-based format, Marneros was able to calculate a total time-cost savings of $10,000 AUD year-over-year.

Marneros discusses the measurable impact and ongoing innovation Intranet Connections has had on Gold Coast Hospital saying: “EmergencyWeb allows for amazing, innovative ways to deliver training. You are only limited by your imagination on how you want to deliver the education.”

Gold Coast Hospital is just one of over 160 healthcare organizations and thousands of organizations worldwide that rely on an intranet from Intranet Connections. To find out more about Intranet Connections’ Healthcare Intranet, visit the website:

Or request a guided tour of Intranet Connections’ Healthcare Intranet:

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Intranet Connections is a leading provider of low-risk intranet software that helps you connect, collaborate & create better to improve productivity, yield time-cost savings and increase employee retention.

Established in 1999, thousands of organizations worldwide have chosen Intranet Connections, including: the Mayo Clinic, Medifast Inc, Northfield Hopsital, Harrington Hospital, Wilson Medical Center, Kemptville District Hospital and many more. 

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