Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

Australian printer innovator Memjet has appointed Possibilities Management Group (PMG) as a premier reseller to market its breakthrough printhead technology to the education, business and not-for-profit sectors.

Memjet engineers developed the new printing process in its Sydney laboratories over the past decade, licensing the technology to the world’s leading industrial and commercial printer manufacturers before launching its own brand of office printers in Australia with the c6000 series.

The Memjet c6000 desktop printer series prints up to 60 full colour pages per minute at half the usual cost and faster than most photocopiers.

PMG Managing Director Jonathan Oastier said the technology enables true on-demand colour printing.

“Compared with the traditional toner solution, Memjet is faster, more cost effective and provides greater flexibility in printing,” Mr Oastier said. “Memjet has turned traditional understandings of printing upside down.

“We liked the colour print quality, the speed and the fact that the printer can print edge to edge. This means that graphics can be printed right to the edge with no white border limitations any more. It can also print on glossy and photo paper, unlike laser printers. The cost per copy at under 4 cents per page is also compelling.”

Gunther Van Der Borght, Business Development Manager for Memjet Australia, welcomed PMG as a premier reseller of Memjet’s c6000 office printers.

“PMG and Memjet have partnered in demonstrating the printers at a number of events including the Edutech Education Conference in Brisbane in June,” Mr Van Der Borght said.

More information can be found at www.printborderless.com

About Memjet Technology

Memjet’s engineers decided to make the paper move, not everything else. Less moving parts means less problems and greater speed. The engineers stretched the print-head to a page width, created 70,000 nozzles that produce 7,000,000 drops per second. Special quick drying inks were developed so the page is dry on exit after one second. With no laser toner nano-particles floating in the air, the ink solution is safer for people and more environmentally friendly.

“Australians lead the way with their creativity and innovation. The breakthrough technology will change the way people print, what they can print, where they can print it and who can print it. In the same way that the internet has changed the way business can be done, this technology will change the way business is done.”

This technology is already allowing businesses, schools and not for profits to save costs by printing on demand, just in time, not, just in case. Businesses can print letterhead and other stationery to the edge of the paper, meaning stationery can be printed on demand. Business invoices, church newsletters, school flyers and event A4 posters can all be printed in short or longer runs as required, all at 60 pages per minute.



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Possibilities Management Group

Possibilities Management Group (PMG) is helping organisations make their messages memorable, efficiently and cost effectively.  PMG focus on providing leading edge Colour Printer Solutions to the Education, Not-For-Profit and Business sectors. Innovative, cost effective and industry leading technology combined with clear strategy and implementation paths are an essential support to a ‘messages in print strategy’. That’s why PMG is a dedicated partner with Memjet Printers , developers of the world’s fastest and most advanced workgroup desktop Colour printers. Combine that with other features such as Borderless – Edge to Edge printing on your desktop and you have truly changed the ‘messages in print’ opportunities.

Possibilities Management Group has solutions for these sectors that make it easy to implement colour memorable messages across an organization with consistency, cost effectively and with greater creativity.

Jonathan Oastler
M: 0438337135
W: www.printborderless.com


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