Thursday, July 17th, 2014

Customise this, personalize that, selfie here and a quick upload there and the social world of me is in full swing.

As a matter of fact, this focus on social media images and instant uploadable pics has driven the growth of the personalised products industry. Picabu Australia Pty Ltd is capitalising on this industry by offering Australia's largest range of customisable phone and tablet cases (nearly 150 devices available). You can now upload any image on the device of your choice at and it will be printed and shipped to you within 24 hours.

Picabu has two mainstream products - custom cases (silicon tough cases with your image printed on them) and 3D Skins (3M adhesive material with your image printed on them for the front, sides and back of your phone - like a 'skin'). All of Picabu's custom products are actually printed and packaged in Australia.

The popularity of this custom product has taken off in Europe and America in the last 5 years and has just recently hit Australian shores. Picabu Australia's GM, Pascal Gouel believes the Australian market is ripe for growth,

"Australia has 30 million active mobile phones in operation, equivalent to 1.33 per capita and one of the highest in the western world. Add to this with the need to purchase an average of 2 cases per phone per year and you have a large ready-made case market in Australia. Picabu Australia is well positioned to grow the custom phone case trend by offering the largest available devices that can be customised - currently we have nearly 150 of the most popular devices on our site and its being increased on a weekly basis".

Picabu Australia is one of the first to offer the 3D skin product. The 3D skins are made from 3M adhesive material (world patented) and have an air bubble release technology embedded in the material. Picabu Australia effectively prints your image on this material which is then adhered to your phone / tablet case like a 'skin' (Front, Back and Sides).

The application of this product is not only for social and personal use, but has a wide attraction in business:

"Many of our customers are actually businesses who have printed their logo and marketing material on their phone and tablet cases. If you think about it, a custom phone case with your company logo is a walking billboard that scores hundreds of impressions per month. We are finding that companies are being attracted to this new, low cost and effective means of marketing, by providing them to their employees and as promotional giveaways".

In addition to their custom cases and 3D Skins, Picabu Australia also has ready-cut 3D skins made from glitter, wood finish, metal brush and carbon fiber material. It's now easy and quick to just change your phone skin based on the mood you are in. According to Pascal Gouel, the key to success to this kind of business is marketing and user experience.

We have gone to great lengths to develop a professional, easy to use website that allows customers to upload their image and immediately see how their custom case will look like. Overseas competitors have only done this for the major 15-20 device products, but we have done it for every single one of our 150 devices which are available online. Like any online product nowadays, social media marketing and word of mouth is critical to its success. We believe that as long as our product and service remains of the highest quality, our company will continue to succeed.

Its very important to us and our customers that we are an Australian company that prints and packages the product in Australia. This is great for quality control, great for customer service and great for Australia"


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