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Queensland, AUSTRALIA, July 16, 2014 - (ACN Newswire) - "Aerial advertising offers a unique opportunity to make a big, bold statement that not only grabs attention on the day, but also offers ideal content for people to share through social media channels," outlines Duncan McIntyre, Managing Director, Branding By Air. When a campaign can involve a four-metre giant sneaker flying over a running event, it should not be a surprise that McIntyre believes this is only suitable for those bold and brave enough to make big statements for maximum impact. "Aerial advertising gives brands a real opportunity to inject personality into their marketing campaign," he adds.

Branding By Air is a sponsor company at the marcus evans CMO Summit 2014, taking place in the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, 18 - 20 August.

- What difficulties are Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) facing today? How effective is aerial advertising compared to other channels?

Media is fragmenting at an unprecedented rate, and marketers are faced with a huge diversification of channels. The proliferation of digital and real time marketing has meant modern marketing practice can be a long chain of small incremental messages. Aerial is incredibly effective. You cannot click past, fast forward or turn the page on an aerial advert. It is big, bold, and grabs attention. No brand has succeeded in standing out while doing the same thing as everyone else. When you see a giant shoe or beer can flying past, you take a photo and share it with your friends. That is the holy grail. Word of mouth starts right there.

However, like any medium, timing and placement are everything and we make sure we work with advertisers to structure campaigns to measure results from the ground up. We know that simple, strong and bold creative with a definite call to action creates the best results.

- How is the success of aerial campaigns measured?

We have a number of different opportunities including geo-located Google analytics and social media analysis to measure sophisticated return on investment. Having a call to action on a banners or aerial ad helps us get statistics of how many people clicked and searched for the brand name at a given place and point in time.

Brands like Coke have historically done aerial year on year because it yields results - they now have synergies that spark emotion - people see their banners and they know summer has arrived!

- How should aerial advertising be incorporated into the marketing strategy?

Marketers need to combine all their channels to take the message to their audience. We have had great results running a social push alongside banner campaigns, for instance, "Hey, the banner is coming along here. Post a photo and win prizes."

My advice to CMOs would be to harness the spontaneity of what we do, and capture the attention of people when they least expect it, when they are at their most open. Aerial advertising catches people in their leisure time, when they are relaxed enough to appreciate an unexpected message delivered in a fun way. That is a big difference with other mediums, where people can just turn the page, click past the advert or fast forward. What we do cannot be ignored.

- What trends should CMOs prepare their organisations for?

We consider the rise of technology as a real enabler across all forms of media and marketing. As aerial innovators, we encourage and embrace opportunities for creativity that our medium can offer. Outdoor and experiential marketing should be part of an integrated marketing plan to be effective and gain the measurability required for repeated success.

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