Thursday, April 8th, 2010
  • Cool relief for flu, fever, headaches, back pain, hot flushes, sunburn and more
  • Activated with tap water - no power required
  • Product samples and images available to media upon request
  • New to Bad Backs ( RRP $59.99

The elusive search for the cool spot on your pillow might be over, with a new product release from Bad Backs; the Chillow, which provides cool comfort for people while sleeping.

The Chillow works much like a hot water bottle, except rather than heating, it cools. No power or refrigeration is required. Just fill with tap water, and after four hours it’s ready, and never needs to be refilled again. The water is absorbed by a thin foam core, which in turn generates the cool effect.

The Chillow is a thin, cushioned pad that lies on top of a normal pillow (or inside the pillowcase) to take heat away from the body and keep you cool throughout the night.

As well as being used as a sleep aid, the Chillow also provides relief from flus and fever, aches and pains, hot flushes associated with menopause, injuries, sunburn and irritating skin conditions. The Chillow can also offer safe and non-invasive relief for cancer patients undergoing radiation and chemotherapy, and experiencing the associated symptoms of overheating.

Sales Director of Bad Backs (, Jonathan Hulme, says that the team is frequently road testing new and interesting personal care products, but the Chillow is one of the most unique products they have trialled in some time.

“We were quite amazed that such a thin pad could stay cool for so long. We loved how comfortable it felt on the pillow; it didn't feel too cold, just pleasantly cool. And because of the cloth texture on the back it stayed put, rather than slipping off the pillow,” says Jonathan.

-Two way cooling - both the front and back get cool
-No power is required to activate the Chillow - only tap water
-Extra soft core for light supple support
-Glove leather soft top for supreme comfort
-Cloth texture on back for gripping ability on pillow
-Medical grade materials for safety and durability
-You can refrigerate for 15-30 minutes for extra cooling effect

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