Tuesday, July 15th, 2014
9 Questions Organization is making it easy for entrepreneurs and startups to quickly test their business plan assumptions before they invest time & money.
The process of starting a new company is changing fast thanks to LeanStartup Methodology and now 9Qs.org offers a perfect means for startups to embrace Lean and rapidly test the assumptions that could make or break their business model. 9 Questions Organization (http://9qs.org) is helping ensure entrepreneurs don't fall into the trap of making incorrect assumptions. The sad statistic that 98% of startups fail may well be consigned to history now that Lean Methodologies have proven their value and not just for startups. 9 Questions Organization was created by Greg Twemlow as a platform for monitoring the mood of a global audience and to be available to Entrepreneurs that see value in thoroughly testing the assumptions in their business plan/model. Greg settled on a system that asks 9 questions no matter what the topic. 
9 Questions makes it super easy and fast for people using the Lean Startup Methodology to test assumptions before they invest time and money heading down a dead-end road. Greg Twemlow commented, "If startups can rapidly test their assumptions and use the feedback to adjust their pitch it will dramatically improve the success ratio for entrepreneurs and new companies".
Having previously consulted to numerous startups, Twemlow has a bullish view of how quickly people will adopt Lean and realized they need a simple tool that helps them confirm their base assumptions regarding their new venture or project. 
"We are creating a customizable Assumption Testing platform that enables a much broader audience to be questioned," said Greg Twemlow, CEO and Founder of 9 Questions Organization. "9Qs is pushing the Lean development methodology forward by making it easier for founders to verify that what they think is actually the same as what their customers think."
With over 500 sales leads in just a few months and almost half from the U.S. and 30% from Europe, it's clear that this is more than a movement.
"Think of a startup team doing their Lean Startup Machine course and being told to get out of the building and talk to people about their brilliant new business idea. In this scenario it can be quite tough approaching total strangers in a public setting. If the team can also use the 9Qs platform and distribute their 9 questions to their network and if they wish also on Social Networks they will receive a much wider set of opinions that could well make a big difference to their planning," said Greg Twemlow. "And what to do with all that great data? 9Qs gives you analysis tools to help with the insights that are part of all those responses."
9 Questions provides customers with customizable branding, hassle-free payment solutions using PayPal, Balanced and Stripe along with admin and analytics dashboards. Personalized 24/7 support through 9 Questions support team makes 9 Questions a complete solution, different from tools like Survey Monkey. 9 Questions is also search optimized and mobile responsive and no coding is necessary.
9 Questions is one of the startups managed by http://www.gregtwemlow.co/.
For more information or to set up a demo please visit http://9qs.org.
About 9 Questions Organization
9 Questions is a Cloud App that allows brands and entrepreneurs to create Lean assumption tests. Ask a targeted or broad audience what they think of your product or service idea.
SOURCE 9 Questions Organization - http://www.9qs.org/

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9 Questions Custom Surveys are an effective way to verify hypotheses and test assumptions before embarking on product development.

The 9Qs Global Survey - 3 Minutes x 3 Times A Year = 9 Questions

9 Questions Organization taps the mood, capabilities and community orientation of a global audience. Metrics that measure how we feel, what we are capable of and our preparedness to help our fellow human beings.

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