Sunday, November 25th, 2007

Launched in Australia in September this year, the BPTrends FORUM offers free information sharing and networking events for anyone interested in Business Process Management (BPM).
Bi-monthly FORUM meetings bring together representatives from the full spectrum of BPM interest groups including end users (practitioners), technology vendors, consultants and academics. The open, collaborative and technology-independent BPTrends FORUM format is proving highly effective in helping both individuals and organisations to accelerate their adoption of BPM methods and technologies.
"The BPTrends FORUM provides members in specific geographical areas with an opportunity to meet and discuss important BPM issues, providing even greater value to our members through these off-line services, as well as expanded on-line services. The FORUM model builds on our original mission of providing the best and most comprehensive information services to our BPTrends members", said Paul Harmon, Founder and Executive Editor of BPTrends.
BPTrends has recruited Imre Hegedus, a Melbourne-based BPM consultant, to lead the development and management of the BPTrends FORUM. Imre's commitment to the BPM community is well known in Australia, and beyond, where he has taken an active lead in establishing a community of business process professionals. "We are very pleased to be able to benefit from Imre's experience as both a seasoned BPM practitioner/consultant and recognised leader in the BPM community", said Celia Wolf, Founder and CEO of BPTrends.
Chapters currently active in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth are run by volunteer co-ordinators, most of whom are active in driving BPM adoption in major private and public sector organisations.
If you are interested in joining, establishing or sponsoring a BPTrends FORUM chapter in your area, please contact Imre at [email protected]

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Imre Hegedus Consulting

Imre Hegedus, Forum Covenor
P: 03 9038 9007
M: 0448 868 007

Warwick Moyse, SA FORUM Co-ordinator

M: 0438 862646


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