Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

West Australian based Purus Pty Ltd announced today that it has formed an exclusive technology partnership with Japanese based R&D firm OPT Creation to commercialise its Microbubble and Nanobubble products within Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia. 

Purus executives expect this partnership to revolutionise processes in water treatment to Orthodontistry to semi-conductor wafer manufacturing by infusing gas into microbubbles 20-micrometers in diameter, or several times thinner than a human hair.

“The free trade agreement signed between Australia and Japan will have a substantial benefit in being able to bring this technology to our shores” – Purus CEO Rick Castellana

The exclusive partnership with OPT Creation allows Purus to bring to the Australian market several ground breaking products that feature microbubble and nanobubble technologies.

In the consumer space, Purus is bringing to market ‘Hydrogen Rich Nanobubble water with Fucoidan” called ‘Asumiite Water’.

Asumiite water is already receiving strong reviews throughout the Japanese health care profession. It is distributed to over 85 hospitals throughout Japan for the treatment of high blood pressure, decreasing headaches, detoxifying cells, reducing the risk of colon cancer, breast cancer and bladder cancer.  In Japan alone it has already grossed over $1.5 million in sales and growing.

Studies out of the Cornell University in New York and several Japanese universities are showing strong results from the benefits of hydrogen nanobubbles and the seaweed extract Fucoidan.

“There is no other product like Asumiite being sold in the world and due to its patented process of infusing hydrogen into nanobubbles it allows hydrogen to remain in the water for up to 90 days” – Purus CEO, Rick Castellana

The other significant product we are going to bring to market is NaN03 (Durable Ozone Water) This product has already been featured in the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg due to its revelatory ability to retain ozone in water for up to 7 months. NaN03 is targeted towards orthodontists for the treatment of periodontal disease, stomatitis, dental plaques and treponema denticola.

NaN03 was presented at the 113th Annual Session of American Association of Orthodontists in Philadelphia with excellent reviews. Locally, NaN03 has received attention from local dentists in the Perth area.

Purus executives feel that our exclusive relationship with OPT Creation for microbubble and nanobubble technologies will deliver significant benefits to local markets. OPT Creation is working toward a NASDAQ listing for mid-2015

Purus is currently seeking joint development partners in Australia and Malaysia to further develop how microbubble and nanobubble technologies can be implemented into industrial applications.

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Purus Pty Ltd.

Purus Pty Ltd (“Purus”) is a privately held company that specialises in green sanitisation technologies for air, water and surface applications and is comprised of two divisions:

PureOzone Pty Ltd (“PureOzone”) has a focus on delivering Ozone based solutions in hospitality, food processing and air treatment.

NanoPure Pty Ltd (“NanoPure”) targets the utilisation of Microbubble and Nanobubble technologies into commercial products that will be applicable across many industries

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