Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

In response to the rapidly collapsing Egyptian economy, yesterday the Egyptian Consulate in Australia has launched a fundraising campaign on their facebook page (LINK) to collect funds from Australia.

The Egyptian Society of Australia (ESA) rejects the fundraising campaign and considers it a scam setup to further finance the rich military junta in Egypt at the expense of the common Egyptian people.  

Since the military coup in July 2013, the Egyptian military junta has committed countless number of gross human rights breaches including:

  • Crushing political dissent by jailing more than 41,000 people
  • The murder of more than 6000 Egyptians on the streets of Egypt
  • 54 documented rape cases by police officers against Egyptian women including one in an armored police van
  • Crack-down on freedom of press resulting in the unfair jail sentences to many journalists and photographers (most of whom are never heard of in Australian media) including the award winning Australian journalist Peter Greste
  • The handing out of mass death sentences through farcical court cases
  • The bloody crack-down on all voices of dissent or opposition in Egypt

The Chairman for the Egyptian Society of Australia, Mr Mohammad Helmy, said "How can such a regime have the audacity to collect money from the same nation whose journalist was punished for simply doing his job?" He added, "It would be absurd to think that any Australian would contribute to a fund whose beneficiaries have blood on their hands."

ESA, therefore, calls upon all Australians and Egyptian Australians not to contribute to such a scam and direct their support via credible charity organizations that directly support the needy.

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