Friday, July 4th, 2014

The Australian Islamic Mission (AIM) is proud to be associated with the recently approved Bendigo Islamic Cultural Centre. AIM would like to congratulate the Bendigo City Council for conducting such a comprehensive development review process, and sincerely thanks all those from the local community that have spoken in support of this project, including church and community groups, business groups, and ordinary Bendigonians.

The coloured balloon campaign was a powerful counter to the message of intolerance and hate promoted by a small number, and it underlined Bendigo’s rich multicultural heritage. As noted by Jacinta Allan, State MP for Bendigo East, "Bendigo has a proud history of tolerance and diversity dating back to the gold rush era, and we'll work hard to preserve and build upon it."

In a vibrant democracy like Australia where multiculturalism and diversity are valued, the Bendigo Islamic Cultural Centre will herald a new era of engagement and understanding between Bendigo’s Muslim community and their fellow residents from other faith groups. AIM has always strived to promote a unique Australian Muslim identity, one that is both proud of being Australian and that is true to the principles of its faith, and which is an integral part of the social fabric of this wonderful land, and we will continue to work to ensure peace, harmony, mutual understanding and justice prevail in our country for generations to come.

AIM extends an open invitation to all Bendigo residents and others from the Australian community to visit this facility once it is opened, and to make full use of it as a venue for interfaith gatherings and the exchanges of ideas.

AIM is very confident that Bendigo Islamic Cultural Centre will become an important part of Bendigo’s social and cultural landscape and that it will positively contribute to a closer engagement between members of all Bendigo’s community groups.

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