Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Opening seasonal allocations for irrigators have been announced today, 1 July, for systems across New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia with most systems receiving initial allocations. The opening seasonal allocations are indicated in the table below (data sourced from water authorities media releases):

Announced opening seasonal allocations as of 1 July 2014

Opening allocations


VIC Murray HR


Goulburn HR


SA Murray Class 3


NSW Murray GS


NSW Murray HS


Murrumbidgee GS


Murrumbidgee HS


Lachlan GS


Gwydir GS


Lower Namoi GS


Macquarie GS


Tom Rooney, Waterfind’s CEO, said that “the opening allocations were encouraging in many regions, including the River Murray and Murrumbidgee; however, General Security entitlements in the Lower Namoi, Lachlan Gwydir and Macquarie have received 0% opening allocations which is the second year of no allocations for some irrigators.” 

Tom Rooney added that future allocations in many regions will depend on rainfall later in the season, which may be at risk due to El Nino. The World Meteorological Organisation has recently increased the likelihood that El Nino could start between October and November to 80%.

The season opening pricing point of $80 per ML was set early this morning in the southern connected Murray Darling Basin Spot Temporary Market.

Today is also the first day of trading day under the new Water Trading Rules for the Murray Darling Basin, which were set out in Chapter 12 of the Murray Darling Basin Plan. Waterfind believes that these rules will benefit water markets through:

  • establishing a clear principle that all water owners have the right to freely trade the water that they own without being unreasonably interfered with by Government;

  • enshrining into law the principle of transparency in water markets by requiring that for all water trade the price of the trade is reported.

Trading on the Waterfind Forward Water Markets and Permanent Entitlement Markets have remained open with Waterfind’s Spot Temporary Water Markets also being open for the season. Trade on the remaining Waterfind Water Markets will be opening in the next few days due to pending information from regulators on trading fees.

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Waterfind is a pioneer in the water market industry with a strong focus on innovation, quality systems and customers. Since foundation and to this day we continue to develop the world’s only quality endorsed water market systems.

Established in 2003, Waterfind developed a water market that expanded from a local focus on water supply and demand, to an industry which spans across Australia. At present, Waterfind facilitates the buying and selling of both permanent and temporary water across the major irrigation regions in NSW, QLD, SA and VIC.

Tom Rooney, CEO
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