Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

IRD Group, publisher of Australian business insights services including InsightGuru, Connector

and Prospector, has partnered with leading market research company Roy Morgan to deliver an

exceptional level of business intelligence.


As part of an ongoing innovation schedule, IRD Group has enhanced its service offering by attributing

additional market research news and insights across its suite of products. The new additions offer users a

more 3D approach to business intelligence, better equipping them for the challenges of business



Driving the development is a new partnership with leading market research company Roy Morgan

Research. Results from Roy Morgan’s Customer Satisfaction Awards and market research findings now sit

alongside IRD’s Insights and company listings to offer a broader perspective on the company-driven

insights already available.


IRD Group has also introduced Industry Snapshots, bespoke reports created by the Discovery Team, IRD’s

in-house research department. These reports are exclusively available to IRD clients and provide a top-line

view of industry verticals. They cover major players and brands, combining these with talking points, such

as ‘trends’ and ‘emerging players’. In addition, financial insights and links to company reports are being

included for the first time.


Speaking about the innovations, Matt Skinner, Managing Director, IRD Group says, "Our partnership with

Roy Morgan and the introduction of the new features is a major part of our continued push to equip our

clients with access to the best business intelligence available, intelligence that can transform the way they

do business."


Commenting on the partnership, Chief Executive Officer of Roy Morgan Research, Michele Levine, said,

"Roy Morgan Research monitors the pulse of Australians by surveying over 50,000 consumers and 20,000

businesses each year. Roy Morgan produces summaries and highlights that will be relevant and useful to

many industries and businesses. This will now be available via the IRD platform as well. This partnership

highlights the role of market research in the sales process, recognizing the critical importance of

understanding your market and target audience in achieving your desired results."


Contact Profile

Roy Morgan Research

Roy Morgan Research is Australia’s best known and longest established market research and public opinion survey company. Roy Morgan Single Source is thorough, accurate, and provides comprehensive, directly applicable information about current and future customers. It is unique in that it directs all the questions to each individual from a base survey sample of around 55,000 interviews in Australia and 15,000 interviews in New Zealand annually - the largest Single Source databases in the world. The questions asked relate to lifestyle and attitudes, media consumption habits (including TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, cinema, catalogues, pay TV and the Internet), brand and product usage, purchase intentions, retail visitations, service provider preferences, financial information and recreation and leisure activities. This lead product is supported by a nationally networked, consultancy-orientated market research capability.
Shaun Ellis
P: 03 9224 5332
W: www.roymorgan.com


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