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30 June 2014 - Sydney


Fake CV’s,  pseudonyms, a con man and red faced executives – it was all about seeing – or in this case, not seeing - the links.


In the end, Australian software proved the key to uncovering the story behind ‘Myer's Mystery Man’ Andrew Flanagan, whose fake CV led to him being sacked shortly after being appointed to a top position at the company.


Visualisation software Encompass enabled investigative journalists to map Flanagan’s intricate web of deceit and to uncover critical details in the case last week.


Using Encompass, journalists at The Australian newspaper instantly saw the relationships between Flanagan, a number of former directorships, failed businesses, aliases and even a connection to a weapons company and the story was told in the weekend edition.


While the software is widely used by lawyers, bankers and insolvency practitioners to easily visualize links and relationships in commercial information, Encompass CEO Wayne Johnson said its application to investigative journalism was just as powerful.


"For many industries the value of Encompass is immediately obvious, which is why we have seen such strong take up of Encompass among major law firms, insolvency practitioners and banks - but seeing journalists embrace it this way is probably a newer thing" Mr Johnson said.


Johnson and co-founder Roger Carson launched the SaaS offering in 2012.


Listed as a "Tech Company to Watch" in the most recent Rust Report, the Sydney based company is disrupting the commercial information market in Australia, traditionally dominated by big brokers like Veda and Dun & Bradstreet. 


With sights now set on the US and UK, discussions with potential partners and Venture Capitalists are underway.


Journalists here have clearly realised that fast, easy access to information like ASIC, land titles and bankruptcy documents, can provide an edge when it comes to researching business stories and meeting deadlines. 


Following the Flanagan fiasco, perhaps recruiters should be among the next major users of Encompass...




link: The Australian Article about Andrew Jeffery Flanagan

link: Encompass visualisation behind the research

link: About Encompass


For more information, customer stories or founder interviews please contact:

Alex Ford

Marketing Manager

Encompass Corporation


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Contact Profile

Encompass Corporation

Encompass Corporation is the creator of a unique and innovative visual information management platform named Encompass.  Founded in 2011 by seasoned entrepreneurs Roger Carson and Wayne Johnson, we are driven by the belief that the best decisions are made when people understand the full picture.

Our focus is to ensure clients maintain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced business climate, by providing a visual information management solution that helps them increase operational efficiencies, minimise risk and grow their revenue.

We partner with information providers, including SAI Global in Australia, to deliver the Encompass SaaS solution to market. Encompass assists these organisations to visually present their business critical data and quickly differentiate their information offering to customers, reach new market segments and deliver significant returns.

Established in Sydney and with over 30 employees, the company prides itself on its innovative and agile culture and has experienced significant local and geographical growth. Encompass Corporation has also established offices in the UK and has its sights firmly set on North America and other international markets.

Alex Ford
P: 1300362667
M: 0412188005


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