Friday, June 27th, 2014

Australian based funds management business, APSEC Funds Management (APSECFM) are pleased to announce the results of their first year of operations as Investment Managers of the Atlantic Pacific Australian Equity Fund (APAEF).  During this period the fund has delivered an exceptional result to investors, measured both on an absolute basis, whereby it returned 23.69% and on a relative basis, as it outpaced the benchmark returns by 7.24%.

With a plan from the outset to achieve returns above the S&P / ASX 200 Accumulation Index since the fund commenced in June 2013, APSEC was able to not only achieve this, but significantly outperformed the benchmark. In the same time period, APSEC achieved 23.69% return compared to the benchmark’s return of 16.45%. George Paxton, fund manager at APSECFM said “We are happy with the returns to date, which have been delivered against an extremely challenging background. We continue to focus upon opportunities for outperformance and remain confident in our process.”

The fund’s success is highly attributed to APSECFM’s commitment to fundamental research that is style neutral, and thus aims to outperform in a variety of market environments. This style neutral approach, with a solid foundation of deep research of potential investments has been at the core of the returns to date and is an essential ingredient in achieving outpaced returns in the first year of operation. Throughout the year the approach has tended to favour stocks in larger Australian companies that meet their rigorous investment criteria, including liquidity constraints, and any earnings potential that is overlooked by the broader investment community.

Despite the dip in business and consumer confidence caused by the recently announced federal budget changes, the APSECFM team are continuing to press ahead, undeterred and ready to capitalise on the large number of profitable opportunities that lie ahead. It remains to be seen how permanent this response is given the rather minor impact of the budget in monetary terms when one considers the prior improvements in a number of activity indicators including retail sales and building activity. Given the robust outlook for Australian equities they expect many more exciting times ahead on the back of their ground breaking first year, which has brought tremendous confidence to the Sydney based investment team. Matthew Roberts, CEO of The APSEC Group explains: “We are pleased with the year one results, and have received positive feedback from our unit holders. We have worked hard to create a robust business capable of delivering returns to our clients and I think most would agree that the first year of operations confirms the strength of this approach.”

If you would like more information on APSEC Funds Management, the Atlantic Pacific Australian Equity Fund, or would like to receive their Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) please visit or contact them on 02 8356 9356.


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