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“ It is surely every young Basketball players dream to travel to the United States to see the best College and NBA players in the world strut their stuff. Even better to be able to play some games yourself whilst you are there. I had those dreams myself as a young junior player and was lucky enough to realise them. It was a life changing experience and one that I am so grateful to have been able to be part of and enjoy. It is therefore with great pleasure that I am delighted to announce the formation of,  



In conjunction with Mal Simpson and his company CHAMPION TRAVEL, Brett Maher Basketball Tours (BMBT) will be offering value for money tours to all of the most popular Basketball destinations in the USA for both male and female teams of all ages and playing standards.

These tours will not only expose young players to wonderful basketball experiences, but also to different customs and cultures, memories that will help shape their lives and stay with them forever.

Together with their USA based Tour Manager, Champion has already had tremendous experience in putting together USA Tours and can guarantee competitive matches for teams at all levels of ability.

BMBT services extend far beyond arranging games and travel reservations as they also ensure:

  • Accommodation at whatever level preferred
  • Transportation including buses and rental vans
  • All required licences and approvals
  • Documentation including passports and Visae
  • Sightseeing and shopping advice
  • Currency advice
  • Uniform and tour apparel including design
  • Travel insurance
  • Fundraising advice
  • Coaches can be included at no cost to the Coach if required

Apart from the USA, BMBT are also offering tours to other major basketball destinations such as EUROPE, ASIA and NEW ZEALAND

Basketball fans don't despiar, as you have not been forgotten. Brett and his team also intend to host Spectator Tours specifically to include NBA and Division One College games as well as the famed NBA ALL STAR weekend.

Together with Mal, formerly President of the Adelaide 36ers, & Neil Gliddon, formerly SA State Director of Coaching for over 20 years Brett's team provide a wealth of basketball knowledge and experience, Neil himself has led over 20 tours to the USA and Europe for the Elite Junior boys and girls of SA, all arranged through Champion Travel.  Brett Maher Basketball Tours gives, clubs, coaches, schools, players and their families confidence.


" This is a very exciting development for me and I am very much looking forward to assisting young players from all around Australia fulfill their dreams just like I was able to."  - Brett Maher


For more information, please contact:

Brett Maher:  0414 803 527  [email protected]   OR  Mal Simpson,  CEO,  Champion Travel:  0417 390 939  [email protected]

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Brett Maher Basket Ball Tours

Brett Maher Basketball Tours caters for all age groups, male and female and teams of all standards. Our USA based Tour Manager can ensure competitive games for all levels throughout the United States in your preferred destination and time of travel.

We operate in conjunction with Champion Travel, a professional and fully licensed travel agency, that has been operating for 20 years with over 330 years experience amongst its very capable and knowledgable staff. 

Brett Maher and Mal Simpson (CEO of Champion Travel) truly have basketball in their veins.

Brett’s basketball exploits and achievements are very well documented and understood whilst Mal has been involved in all aspects of the game for over 50 years and was the President of the Adelaide 36ers from1984 until 1998.

Brett Maher Basketball Tours is committed to providing young basketballers with an opportunity to fulfill their basketball dreams and to provide a true value for money experience. That means a guarantee of our absolute best efforts at all times and of course not to be beaten on price. 

Malcolm Simpson
P: 08 8239 0999
M: 0417 390 939


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