Thursday, April 1st, 2010
South Australia is joining the ranks of progressive European countries like France, Switzerland and The Netherlands, with the launch of enviro-friendly, superfast, electric bicycles.

Getté Bikes is the new generation of electric bike, used as a mode of transport for French police, and by everyday people throughout Europe, the United States, and now, South Australia.

“Electric bikes are the perfect way to get from A to B. They’re designed with the average commuter in mind. You can peddle them just like an ordinary bike, but also use the electric assistance for that extra push to travel further faster, without arriving at your destination exhausted,” Managing Director of Getté Bikes, Gavin Carey, says.

“It’s a sweet, smooth quiet ride that is non-polluting and respects the environment. Plus, it means no more pain at the fuel pump, no registration, insurance, parking fees, or public transport fares. And they look great too,” he says.

The launch comes after the federal and state governments recognised at the end of 2009 the growing trend towards cycling and announced a joint investment of $5.7 million for upgrading specialised bicycle infrastructure throughout South Australia.

How does the Getté bike work?
Getté power bikes have a unique mid mounted motor. This clever design allows us to achieve more climbing power with lower battery use and provides better balance. It also allows the full use of the gears under power which is a great advantage over other hub driven electric bikes.

The power is manipulated from two separate controls. The first is pedal assistance on the left handlebar with three separate modes: low, medium and high, giving you a real push up those steep hills or allowing you to zoom across flat terrain. The second is the throttle on the right side, for when you feel
like taking a break from pedalling all together.

Features of the Getté Bike
• Patented Italian designed Direct Drive System meaning you need less gears and less gear changing so your
rides easier and more fun
• Throttle and/or Pedelec Power Control meaning the engine engages and disengages when you start and stop
• 3 power settings: low, medium & high to suit your mood and terrain all at a touch of a simple control panel
• 200w motor 36v LiPon Battery – 10AH
• Recharge time 4-6 hours
• Note: the Sportif features dual suspension

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