Friday, June 20th, 2014

The 2014 Deborah Searle Scholarship Recipients have just been announced, and local entrepreneur Leticia Mooney is one of them.

Lia Cocks, chair of Move Through Life announced this week that eight dancers had been awarded scholarships as part of the Adelaide-based Move Through Life Dance Company’s Deborah Searle Scholarship program. In addition to the beginner and advanced categories, for which MTL gave out one full scholarship and three half scholarships, plus two full and one half scholarships respectively, a new intermediate level was added, with a single dancer emerging as the full recipient for that category. 

Leticia Mooney was that intermediate dancer. 

This may not be a coincidence. The Adelaide-based content strategist founded her company Brutal Pixie with the stated goal of "being able to dance more". It's why Brutal Pixie supports projects like Dancing on the Road, a written project by Melbourne-based professional dancer Bridgett Cains.

"The symmetry of winning this scholarship, and of Brutal Pixie's support of Bridgett is not lost on me," commented Mooney. "Bridgett is a dancer who has always wanted to write, and she won a prize in 2013 that enables her to travel, dance, and write. It excited me so much that I approached Bridgett and offered her support. And as a strategist and author, I have now won an amazing scholarship that gives me the ability to continue to dance while Brutal Pixie is in growth stage. The scholarship gives me access to three dance classes per week, taught by world-class dancers and choreographers like Larissa McGowan, without worrying about whether or not I can afford it. And for someone like me, dancing with a switched-on company like Move Through Life - which encourages adults to dance and gives them a development path to aspire to, regardless of their age, is just the icing on the cake".

Dancing is an expensive business, even for adults. It's a luxury for a business owner that disappears when her company experiences the natural fluctuations of cashflow. 

"It doesn't matter what style of dance you choose to pursue, all of them are expensive. Ballet is expensive, contemporary dance is expensive, belly dance and flamenco are expensive. It's not just the classes: It's footwear, or costumes, or performances - not to mention workshops and opportunities that arise. You really have to want to dance in order to commit those funds," said Mooney. "As an entrepreneur, if I choose to dance it can also impacts on my ability to attend professional events. In fact, one of my mentors is fond of telling me to 'forget about dance' while growing my company, because it's a non-essential expense. That's a hard thing for a dancer to hear. For the next year, it's something I won't have to hear."

Winning the first ever Intermediate Level Deborah Searle Scholarship is something that, for Leticia Mooney, speaks volumes about the entrepreneurial lifestyle. It's about pursuing your passion,  and really challenging yourself. On a higher level, being an entrepreneur is not just having the time and the ability to do what you really want to do; it's setting goals, keeping yourself accountable to those goals, and being willing to fail. Importantly for an entrepreneur, dance teaches you to let go of fear.

"Failure's a hard thing," muses Mooney. "And to some extent, I don't think you can class yourself as an entrepreneur until you've slurped your way through the swamps of despair following business failure. Dance teaches you to fail, to persist, and to let go of fear. You spend a whole lot of your time as a dancer not getting things right. You have to persist! But at the same time, you have to let go of your fears: Fear of failing, fear of falling over, fear of looking weird or ugly or incompetent, fear of committing. For example," she continued. "You will never turn properly if you don't commit to your turn. And you will never get a sequence right if you don't let go of that negative inner naysayer that holds you back. Business is exactly the same: Take a risk, commit to a course of action, let your fear go and persist!"

The full announcement by Move Through Life is available here.


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