Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

Who needs Bruce Willis action flicks when you’ve got L’Oreal, Clairol, Wella and Schwarzkopf? While sales of home hair-colouring products have declined over the last five years, one particular group of women is bucking this downward trend. As the latest data from Roy Morgan Research shows, the percentage of affluent women buying home hair dye is on the rise.

In the year to March 2014, 32% of Australian women purchased home hair-colouring products in an average six months, down from 36% in the year to March 2010. Despite the overall category decline, analysis by income reveals that more women on salaries of $100,000+ are buying home hair dye than they were in 2010.

Twenty-seven percent of women who earn $100,000 or more purchased home hair colour in an average six months to March 2014, up from 25% in 2010. While a 2% increase doesn’t seem much at first glance, this equates to a growth of 70,000 women.

During the same time period, the proportion of women on incomes of less than $100,000 purchasing home hair colour declined, with the largest drop occurring among women earning $80,000 - $99,000 (from 33% in 2010 to 27% in 2014).

Home Hair Colour Purchase by Income


Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia) women 14+ (April 2009 – March 2014), average annual n=10,745

Angela Smith, Group Account Director - Consumer Products, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“Over the last five years, a greater proportion of women on higher incomes are choosing to colour their hair in the privacy of their own homes. While the data doesn’t answer what is driving the trend, it could very well be a factor of convenience. Busy women on high incomes who feel pressure to always look their best may be opting to colour their hair at home rather than sacrifice two or more hours at a salon.


“This is not to say they’re bypassing the hairdresser altogether, though. While 37% of all women who bought a home hair-colouring product in the year to March 2014 reported that they’d paid for hairdressing services in the last four weeks, 62% of women on $100k+ salaries had done the same. They might be saving time by colouring their own hair, but a good haircut needs the professional touch!


 “Using Roy Morgan’s revolutionary new profiling tool, Helix Personas, we can now understand the dynamics of the home hair colour market with more accuracy than ever.


“For example, over the last two years, 32% of women in the ‘Looking Good’ segment bought home hair colour, compared to 29% of total women. Home, family, and a successful career are the main priorities for Looking Good individuals — and take up a huge chunk of their time. Saving valuable hours by dyeing their own hair would appeal greatly to these busy women.”

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