Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

Opmantek (ASSOB:OMK) has again been recognised as a leading innovator in their field of Network Management Software by taking out an iAward for the second consecutive year (2013 and 2014).

The iAwards are an internationally associated awards program focused on recognizing the achievements of innovators.  CEO Danny Maher says that he is “very proud to receive the award for a second consecutive year and the recognition for Opmantek’s continued success”.

Opmantek took out this year’s iAward in recognition of their leading network management software “Network Management Information System” (NMIS). NMIS provides organisations valuable information on the performance and availability of their IT Infrastructure allowing them to reduce operational costs, plan future spending and quickly resolve or even predict faults. NMIS is particularly popular with large organisations due to its scalability, rich feature set and diverse range of supported vendors.

Since providing commercial backing for NMIS in 2012, the uptake in use of NMIS globally has been extraordinary. Opmantek now has 45,000 organisations globally using their products including some of the world’s largest Telecommunications orgainsations and banks.  A new organisation implements NMIS every 8 minutes, making Opmantek the leading supplier of Network Management software globally.

About Opmantek

Opmantek leverages an extensive network of technology experts around the world and is at the forefront of developing, marketing, packaging and distributing software in the network management and IT Audit fields.

Opmantek is Australian Company of the Year for 2013 (AAAI).

Opmantek has offices in the USA, Mexico, Panama and Australia and exports software globally primarily via internet download from www.opmantek.com. A new organisation implements an Opmantek product every 8 minutes. 

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Opmantek is a leading developer of Network Management Software and IT AudIT software with over 45,000 organisations globally using Opmantek software.


Opmantek leverages an extensive network of technology experts around the world and is at the forefront of developing, marketing, packaging and distributing software in the fields of network management and IT Audit. 


Opmantek’s flagship product is one of the world’s most popular network management systems – NMIS.  NMIS was first released in 1999 and is known for operating at high scale and feature while reducing operational cost. NMIS is used in all industries and is particualry popular within Telecommunications organisations and Managed Service Providers. NMIS can be downloaded from Opmantek's website together with a variety of additional modules. Opmantek customers are many of the largest organisations in the world.  


In 2013 Opmantek aquired leading IT AudIT software Open-AudIT. Open-AudIT was first released in 1999 and provides a complete audit of hardware and software installed in an Organisations network, including routers, switches, pc's, printers, fileservers, mobile devices et al and all applications installed on the devices. It is popular to keep asset system up to date, detect changes to devices or new applications on the network and to ensure software license compliance.

Opmantek products are used by over 45,000 organisations worldwide with a new organisation implementing an Opmantek product at the astounding rate of once every 8 minutes. 


Opmantek is AAAI Australian Company of the Year for 2013, across all industries and a winner of the iAwards in both 2013 and 2014.


Opmantek has offices in the USA, Panama, Mexico and Australia and a network of partners around the world. Opmantek exports its software globally via the internet. 


For more information about the company, please visit www.opmantek.com

Louis Crozier
P: +61 7 3102 3158
W: www.opmantek.com


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