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DR SEUSS’s most famous books will come alive at Carine Senior High School this June as part of the popular Seussical musical.

Adapted for stage by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty, the show is directed by Amanda Crewes with Yiannis Maxwell as musical director and Dorothy Gaunt as choreographer.

The co-production between The Actors’ Hub and Pristine Entertainment features more than 50 cast ranging in age from six to 50.

Seussical debuted on Broadway in 2000 and is mainly based on Horton Hears a Who!, Horton Hatches the Egg and The One Feather Tail of Gertrude McFuzz but features numerous other references to Dr Seuss books including The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham and One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.

“In true Seuss style, there’s something in the show for adults as well as children,” Crewes said. 

“You cannot help but fall in love with these characters and their determination to achieve their goals and do what’s right in the face of adversity. 

“It’s very clever how all the stories have been woven together and how each story affects the other.

“This story is about embracing your imagination and creativity and letting it run wild.”

Crewes said the music simply adds to the magic. 

“The songs are so catchy they’re guaranteed to have you leaving the theatre humming away and tapping your toes for the next couple of days,” she said. 

Seussical is really clever in the way it taps into many different genres of music – there’s something for everyone and it really is a fun night out for the whole family.”

It’s a show Crewes has wanted to direct for a long time and she admits she loves productions that communicate to people across different ages and understandings. 

“This show finds universal truths and we all feel we know what it’s like for the characters because we’ve been there too,” she said. 

“And then we realise we’re relating to the plight of an elephant who finds a world so small it exists on a speck of dust he has placed on a clover to keep safe. 

Seussical warms the heart and makes you laugh and yet teaches you so much about humanity and what’s really important in life.” 

After graduating from the WA Academy of Performing Arts in 1998, Crewes went on to work professionally with Effie Crump, Class Act, Handzon, Agelink, Kompany M, Melbourne’s Playbox and Barking Gecko Theatres, Dirty Dicks Theatre Restaurant and the Perth Theatre Company.

She set up The Actors’ Hub in 2012 to provide a serious focus for those wanting to learn more about the acting profession.

Seussical producer Christine Fillis operates the Fillis School of Singing and the production company Pristine Entertainment, drawing on a singing and theatre career of more than 50 years in Perth and the UK.

She admits she loves working with young people and says she never ceases to be amazed at the amount of local talent.

“I never tire of the process of putting a show together and delight in seeing the theatrical growth in cast members during the rehearsal period,” she said.

With Seussical, Crewes’ main aim was to focus on the art of storytelling.

“The important thing has been to make sure we approach the stories as if they had never been told before – as if it were one big story, not a whole lot of individual stories brought together,” she said.

“I believed we needed to invest time into telling the story with the greatest of care to ensure every detail added to the audience's understanding.

“It’s been an absolute pleasure directing this cast because there’s so much talent.

“And while there are many of them, which can at times feel a little overwhelming as you realise you have to fit each person on stage, it often lends itself to the most amazingly diverse and creative ideas. 

“It’s so exciting to work with young people on creative pursuits that require them to think outside the box because you get a really great sense of our future being in very capable hands.”

Seussical plays at 7.30pm, June 20 and 21 and 2pm June 21 and 22. Tickets are $25, $20 concession – book on 0419 246 122.

Carine Senior High School is located on Osmaston Road, Carine.



The Whos: Sonita Marshall, left, Summer Marshall, Jasmine Ruscoe, John Hugo, Kirra Geddes, Ashana Murphy and Jacob Tindall are The Whos in Seussical the musical this June.

Whos on a Clover: Horton (Justin Gray) discovers The Whos on a clover in Seussical the musical.

Horton and Wickershams: Seussical the musical features Justin Gray, centre, as Horton with Jordan Crewes, left, Bradley Fraser, Quaid Kirchner, Letisha O’Niell, Nicholas Allen and Yiannis Maxwell as the Wickershams.

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